Not bloody likely, but at least there's still Weed for Congress!
By: Dave
Tuesday, Nov 2nd 2004 (5:40am)
...but he's still a Dick Head.
By: Dave
Thursday, Oct 21st 2004 (6:17am)
Check out this professor in Singapore who specializes in, among other things, those creepy fucking snakeheads.
By: Dave
Friday, Jun 11th 2004 (1:40am)
Quite a bit, if you change your name to Bubba Bubba Bubba.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Dec 2nd 2003 (12:32am)
Don't putter around with your largest investment, call Gaye Males today!
By: Dave
Monday, Sep 29th 2003 (2:41am)
Judging by his name, this guy should be making pornos instead of running for councillor.
By: Dave
Thursday, May 1st 2003 (6:25am)
Greetings friends! Welcome to! My name is Scott Ginsberg, although you may also know me as "that guy who always wears the nametag."
By: Dave
Tuesday, Apr 29th 2003 (12:05am)

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