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Back in the days of Cold War espionage, foreign intelligence agencies used to communicate with agents on the field via shortwave radio. Radio transmitters placed at secret locations around the world would broadcast coded messages usually in the form of an automated voice reciting a string of numbers or letters. The message often began with a melody, or a set of beeps, or a buzz, followed by the actual coded message read aloud by a voice. Anyone with a radio receiver tuned into that frequency could hear it, but only the intended recipient with proper decoding instructions could decipher the message. For the rest of the listeners, they were just a string of random numbers. Ham radio operators, who frequently stumbled upon these secretive transmissions, called them “number stations”.
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Saturday, Aug 12th 2017 (5:54am)
You have to share this.
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Saturday, Jun 24th 2017 (11:34pm)
By 2030, rapid technological improvements and dramatic cost efficiencies in self-driving electric vehicles (EV) will sweep away the energy and economics of oil-powered cars; and with it, global oil demand will plummet. This is the verdict of a new report, Rethinking Transportation 2020-2030: The Disruption of Transportation and the Collapse of the ICE Vehicle and Oil Industries, published in May from independent research group, RethinkX.
By: dave
Monday, May 8th 2017 (12:00am) | Thanks: digg
This is fascinating. In an old abandoned warehouse in urban Newark, NJ... pesticide-free and environmentally correct agriculture is taking place. Not hydroponics, aeroponics.
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Friday, Mar 31st 2017 (1:12am)
A futuristic approach to transportation: Why ride a bicycle in city traffic when you can ride above it? Meet the Shweeb, an enclosed pedal-powered concept.
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Sunday, Oct 2nd 2016 (12:01am)
Here is a good project for anyone with a 3D printer. In this project as described in the first episode of the Mojoptix podcast and video series, we see a demonstration of how to create a 3D printed sundial that can display the time in digital format without electronics.
The sundial works by allowing light to pass through a carefully arranged array of "tiny tunnels" that turn the individual pixels of the display off and on as the Sun moves through the sky.
For anyone interested but unable to 3D-print the parts themselves, kits are available for purchase that come with all the parts needed to assemble the device.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, Sep 28th 2016 (12:02am)
Just when I thought Send Me To Heaven was the best prank ever dealt to mobile phone types, Apple nixes the headphone jack and someone comes along to exploit the void. Bravo, you internet wag. Bra-VO.
By: dave
Tuesday, Sep 27th 2016 (12:50pm)
You would think that some of these are so basic and common sense but people still place their routers in really stupid places.
By: spam_vigilante
Sunday, Aug 28th 2016 (12:00am)
Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei reported on Thursday that Funai Electric Company, Japan's last manufacturer of VHS video cassette tape recorders, will end production on the recorders this month. According to Nikkei, the company is halting production due to a declining market, and difficulty in obtaining the supply of parts.
By: dave
Thursday, Jul 21st 2016 (12:00am) | Thanks: reddit's a story of a Russian robot with artificial intelligence that's escaped its lab for the second time in a week, and may need to be dismantled.
By: dave
Thursday, Jun 23rd 2016 (12:00am)
We interviewed Simone Giertz about her love of building hilariously terrible robots, from a terrifying knife wielding chopping bot to a life-affirming applause bot.
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Friday, Jun 10th 2016 (12:01am)
A blog of engineering animations, many animated GIF and also Flash videos. Gears, guns, CAD, and simulations.
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Wednesday, Jun 1st 2016 (4:42am)
Your job? Replaced. How and why? Who cares? It's going to happen.
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Monday, May 30th 2016 (12:00am)
Not yet in production (this is a Kickstarter plea), the wheel with the electric motor as a hub is slated to go on sale for $699. Embedded video here as well as specs and funding info.
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Thursday, May 19th 2016 (2:22am)
Anyone who's ever bought a new electronic device or pair of shoes will be all too familiar with those little "DO NOT EAT" sachets that come in the box. Most of us have a vague idea that they're somehow keeping our products fresh, but toss them as soon as the box is open without a second thought.

But it turns out that just might be one of the worst ideas ever because, as Eames Yates reports for Business Insider, these free sachets can be used for a whole range of life hacks that can save you time, energy, and money. And we're never throwing one out again.
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Tuesday, Mar 15th 2016 (12:01am)
Designers at China's Dalian Nationalities University have created the Bike Washing Machine, a combination bicycle and laundry machine that lets users exercise and wash their clothes at the same time. The machine replaces the front wheel of a traditional bicycle with a washing machine drum, and as the user pedals they can power a display screen or store the generated electricity.
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Tuesday, Mar 1st 2016 (6:00am)
In a Russian shopping mall, handicapped parking spaces are protected by technology. If you have a handicapped sticker, no problem. If you are lacking one, a man in a wheelchair tells you how rude, selfish, and wrong you are for taking his spot.
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Saturday, Feb 13th 2016 (12:02am)
The field of robotics is advancing at an alarming rate. We have robots on Mars, robots playing music and even robots creating art. But for every robot success story, there is a robot fail. When many are discussing how robots will be taking over our jobs in the next few years, it's time for a reality check with this compilation of robot gifs and videos that will put your employment-threatened mind at ease.
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Wednesday, Jan 27th 2016 (12:00am)
Google Inbox's Smart Reply feature will be able to suggest responses to emails, using artificial intelligence.
Read more here.
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Thursday, Nov 5th 2015 (12:04am)
3Dom, a US company that specializes in eco-friendly printing filaments, has now come up with a way to 3D print using a material made from beer waste. Yes, itís called Buzzed and consists of leftover hops and barley.
By: dave
Tuesday, Oct 27th 2015 (12:00am) | Thanks: onemanarmy
A computer program developed by the scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology allows for robots to fall gracefully and to prevent damage.
By: spam_vigilante
Monday, Oct 19th 2015 (1:17pm)
Using conductive silver ink in a pen allows you to draw working circuit diagrams. More on bringing this invention to market here.
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Thursday, Sep 17th 2015 (12:00am)
Snap is a new portable and easy-to-fly drone equipped with a 4K resolution gimbal stabilized camera. The drone pairs with a smartphone app for manual or automatic control, including pre-programmed flight paths developed with professional directors. Snap breaks down to become easily portable, and features safety cages around its propellers.

The drone is expected to ship in the Spring of 2016, and is available for pre-order with a significant discount.

More on this expensive toy here, including several more videos.
By: spam_vigilante
Tuesday, Sep 8th 2015 (12:00am)
Researchers from NY Polytech have created a robot fish that is not only accepted by schools of fish, but becomes their leader. WCPGW?
By: dave
Tuesday, Sep 1st 2015 (12:01am)

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