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by dave, 04/22/09

It never ceases to amaze me how American society is so enamored with violence, but sex and language are so taboo. Nothing makes this perplexing inversion of morals more evident than what we put movies through just to get them on broadcast TV, or even basic cable. You can show a guy's head exploding, spraying snot and brains all over the open-mouthed faces of onlooking toddlers, but say 'fuck' or 'bong' and the censors get all in a tizzy... breaking out the dreaded bleep, or - if you're lucky - some ill-fitting but syllabically similar overdub that unwittingly changes the whole moment to one of unintended comedy.

Samuel L. Jackson's seminal masterpiece just made its cable premiere this past week, and naturally the catchphrase of the film got butchered into something hysterically surreal. This got me to reflecting back on so many other great movies that have been touched similarly. Of course, the only thing to do was to scour the YouTubes for other great examples.

Turns out there aren't as many documented on the web as I would have thought. Tragic. However, I did find 7 juicy ones that are worthy of being listed here - in no particular order, but with the feature-inspiring Snakes On A Plane in the anchor position. Enjoy.


The Usual Suspects


The Big Lebowski

Weird Science

Pulp Fiction

Snakes On A Plane

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