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by dave, 09/09/12

If you have important stuff to do but would rather just kick back with a nice flick, the Fuckoff Theater Archive is for you - here's the list of all the full movies we've linked to at the beginning of the week over the last few months to keep you from being productive on Mondays. You're welcome.

All the movies featured on Fuckoff Theater are personal favorites of mine, and I've been known to have questionable taste in flicks. If these aren't your thing, I'm sure you can keep yourself occupied with Glee reruns on Hulu. This is what I like.

As is the case with all content on the web of dubious copyright status, there's no guarantee that the movie streams posted here will still be available whenever you get around to checking them out in the future, so get it while the getting's good. You snooze, you lose. Check back often, as the list below will update weekly as new movies are added to the showcase.

For a list of all posts in reverse chronological order, click here.

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