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If you're 40 or older, you likely remember the Wacky Packages series of bubble gum cards and stickers.

Here is a web site that documents the Topps creations from 1967 to the most recent series in 2008. They parodied common household products and were extremely popular among children in the 1970's.

You may have to drill down a few clicks to get individual images of these humorous faux products but I found it to be worth the effort.
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Wednesday, Feb 14th 2018 (12:00am)
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spam_vigilante From: spam_vigilante Ignore me at your own peril
Date: 2/14/18 @ 06:50 AM
I missed the link myself, so maybe someone else might also.
There is a quickie "best of" to follow at the top of the page:

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Take a tour of some of the all-time favorite Wackys!

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