...'cept I don't limit it to my heart. I spose they'll all catch on soon enough that shooting it directly behind your eyes clears up the blurriness of the dread morning hangover and bangin a spike full of Jack in your spine helps you relax after work too... amateurs.
By: Hellvis
Monday, Nov 25th 2002 (6:05pm)
Bear Beer, a 25-year-old Lancaster County business, went up in flames Thursday as fire quickly engulfed part of a beer distribution business in East Petersburg. At one point, flames could be seen from one-half mile away, and exploding beer cans were flying out of the roof.
By: Dave
Saturday, Nov 23rd 2002 (12:07am)
Los Angeles, CA The last time Claudia Gilligan went grocery shopping, the mother of two bought what she thought to be a snack for her children. In reality, she had unknowingly purchased Vodka Roll-Ups, a new product manufactured and marketed by General Spirits, a division of General Foods.
By: Hellvis
Thursday, Oct 24th 2002 (8:22am)
When you need a touch of elegance with your candle-lit tuna mac dinner, reach for the Wal-Mart wine.
By: Dave
Monday, Apr 22nd 2002 (1:20am)

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