An elderly couple committed suicide in a motel room and were thoughtful enough to leave $200 and an apology for the cleanup crew.
By: Dave
Friday, Mar 21st 2003 (4:48am)
"China is equipping its courts with mobile execution vans as it shifts away from the communist system's traditional bullet in the head, towards a more "civilised" use of lethal injection."

I think we need like 40 of these things in Phoenix alone.
By: Hellvis
Tuesday, Mar 18th 2003 (9:50am)
Almost every town has a festival. Nederland is making its mark with "Frozen Dead Guy Days."
By: Dave
Wednesday, Mar 12th 2003 (12:02am)
A man who was being fatally stabbed described the attack to a 911 dispatcher as it was happening, saying "I'm dead" at one point, authorities said Wednesday.
By: Dave
Friday, Feb 21st 2003 (1:21am)
What tag to use? Obituaries? Yuck? Death? Creepy? For news like this, you almost need one that just has a picture of static or better yet - one thats just black...

FUCK. This is WAY bad. I say kill em. Miskatonic style. Over and over and over and over again...
By: Hellvis
Tuesday, Feb 18th 2003 (12:06am)
Need to get a message to someone in the hereafter? With Afterlife Telegrams, you can - they give your message to a terminal patient, who then croaks and ultimately delivers your telegram.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Feb 11th 2003 (12:15am)
Why should you get hauled off to the family plot in a boring black wagon? Instead, have your corpse carted away in a motorcycle hearse!
By: Dave
Friday, Feb 7th 2003 (12:13am)
A ‘corpse’ stunned Italian mourners gathered around his coffin by coming back from the dead and asking for a glass of water.
By: Dave
Thursday, Jan 23rd 2003 (12:36am)
The world is overpopulated. The people that overpopulate it are stupid. They should be killed. Please help us achieve this noble goal virtually by participating in the Kill Everyone Project.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Jan 8th 2003 (12:14am)
Here's the headline of the week: One Dead, 9 Hurt in Blast from Banana Gas.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Dec 17th 2002 (12:19am)
A small, single-engine experimental airplane crashed into the east side of the Federal Reserve Bank building in Miami Thursday evening, killing one person on board.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Dec 10th 2002 (1:09am)
Kelner failed to diagnose Stephanie Oliver as being in labor, diagnosing her as constipated and ordering an enema, the suit alleges. After the enema, her baby delivered without a doctor and while the mother was standing in a patient room, the couple claims.

(the) couple holds Marion General Hospital and an emergency room physician responsible for their baby falling to the floor and striking her head during delivery.

Read more here.
By: Hellvis
Sunday, Dec 8th 2002 (12:11pm)
A woman may still have had a pulse when workers at a morgue in the U.S. capital thought she was dead and stuck her body in a refrigerator for several hours. "It bothers me because the woman may have been alive when we put her in the damn plastic bag," said one source.
By: Dave
Monday, Nov 25th 2002 (12:01am)
Some people just can't let go of their college days. They buy license plate frames, those stupid ass stickers that they put in their back windows, hell - some even want to take their Alumni to the afterlife.
By: chimpy
Wednesday, Nov 20th 2002 (7:36am)
Oliver, a small Okanagan town that prides itself as the wine capital of Canada, is in mourning today after two prominent local winemakers fell into a massive wine fermentation tank, were overcome by fumes and then drowned.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Nov 12th 2002 (12:13am)
If you're looking to get immortalized on the Strange Deaths site, just follow this simple recipe for an awe-inspiring exit:
The goal of this is not only to off yourself, but to emotionally scar as many passers-bys as possible.

One (1) Building. Approx. 10 stories/100 feet above a busy sidewalk.
80ft. of very fine piano wire.
90 ft. of very strong rope.
Epoxy/superglue/something of that nature.

1 - Ascend to roof of building.
2 - Secure piano wire and rope to solid object near the edge.
3 - SECURELY tie rope around your feet.
4 - Loop piano wire snugly around your neck.
5 - Epoxy/Superglue your hands to your head.
6 - Allow glue to set.
7 - Jump off the roof.

You will have a good 80 feet of freefall to accelerate. At 20 feet above the ground your head will come off quite cleanly via the piano wire. You will come to a rest above the ground, head hanging neatly in your hands looking right at horrified onlookers.
By: Dave
Thursday, Oct 24th 2002 (12:11am)
Just when you thought you couldn't get enough death.... LEGODEATH!
By: Hellvis
Monday, Oct 21st 2002 (1:44pm)
Most people go out getting capped in the back while walking to the corner liquor store to pick up some smokes, beer and porn. Others die of natural causes. But this crazy bitch wanted to die like a cock-a-roach.
By: chimpy
Monday, Oct 14th 2002 (2:11pm)
Here's a fascinating read about Fernand Meyssonnier, a retired Algerian executioner. He knows what it is like to hold a human head.
By: Dave
Saturday, Sep 28th 2002 (12:02am)
A 23-year-old man, who was riding in a van and opening the slide door to throw rocks at mailboxes and cars, fell out of the van and died. Big loss.
By: Dave
Monday, Sep 2nd 2002 (12:01am)

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