...guess who's giving Michael Moore grief over his weight.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Jul 13th 2004 (8:54am)
Hoo boy - that paragon of sensibility, PeTA, just tried to run a newspaper ad that blames serial killer Robert William Pickton's actions on the fact that he's a hog farmer (as opposed to just being a twisted fuck), drawing parallels between the way he treated his pigs and the way he treated his 50-odd victims. What a class act!
By: Dave
Thursday, Apr 8th 2004 (12:04am)
(more)   [Comments: 0]
Apparently, the kids at NC State have a message for you!
By: Dave
Tuesday, Mar 23rd 2004 (12:03am)
Those twits over at PeTA have their panties in a twist because Mel Gibson didn't use Passions of the Christ to promote bovine sovereignity... so they've employed a Jesus on stilts to help correct this woeful misdeed.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Mar 17th 2004 (12:02am)
PETA actually produced a commercial based on Seventies porn which was banned from the CBS airwaves. Little did CBS know that the halftime show would be more risque.

Some fucktard in PETA's ad department might not EAT meat, but they must like to pound it!
By: indigo_sky
Wednesday, Feb 4th 2004 (9:07pm)
As if these PETA wackos aren't irritating enough already, they are now going after your kids with their latest propaganda. I propose revenge by finding some of these "PETA Kids" and feeding them steak behind the backs of their militant vegetarian parents.
By: Some Nobody
Saturday, Dec 20th 2003 (8:23am)
When bridal shop owner Nancy Owen found ants in her store, she had two choices: relocate the critters or relocate her shop. Extermination was not an option - that's because the landlord of the Austin shopping center where her store was located is a supporter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The landlord imposed strict rules on tenants requiring that no meat or animal product be sold in their stores, and that no animals including ants be harmed.
By: coffinz
Monday, Sep 29th 2003 (3:54am)
...but they're also PeTA bitches, so you can take it as read that they're preachy, group-minded fucktards, and since none of them eat meat, they probably won't slob your knob either.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Aug 27th 2003 (12:03am)!! No, not the website, the chick. She had her name legally changed to, which surprised even her bosses at PeTa. She should have cut to the chase and just changed her name to fucktard.
By: faedra
Monday, Aug 4th 2003 (12:06am)
As much as I respect Paul McCartney as a musician, I have an equal amount of loathing for his PeTA activities - this time around, he's jumping all over the Colonel for not putting chickens on velvet cushions before dropping them in the fryers. Hey McCartney, if you want to tackle a socially relevent cause, take a look at how the major labels are rewriting our laws to protect their dying industry.
By: Dave
Monday, Jul 28th 2003 (12:20am)
Look... it's a fucktard from PETA half-naked, covered in paint and locked in a cage! Shocker.
By: faedra
Friday, Jul 18th 2003 (5:13pm)
So I was over at, taking potshots at one of my past managers, when I came across none other than Ingrid Newkirk, Grand Poobah Fucktard of my favorite warm-fuzzy club, PeTA. Sometimes, life is indeed good to me.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Jun 11th 2003 (12:26am)
PeTA, that mush-brained animal rights group, just LOVES to see their name in print - therefore, they'll attach their little cause to just about anything newsworthy, in the hopes of further sullying their own reputations. This time around, they propose that eating meat causes SARS.

In the meantime, Ingrid Newkirk (head fucktard, esq) still hasn't graced my table with her barbecued ass, per her own instructions. What up with that? And where's my Newkirk-foot umbrella stand?
By: Dave
Tuesday, Apr 29th 2003 (12:05am)
I was so wrong.

Those Fucktardos want Hamburg, Germany to change it's name to Veggieburg, because the name Hamburg promotes the eating of animals.

Holy fuck.. someone get me a gun that shoots grissle.. now!
By: Scott
Monday, Apr 28th 2003 (6:14am)
Ingrid Newkirk, the leader of PeTA who once said that dogs had more value than retarded children, has requested that her flesh be barbequed, her skin used for leather, and her feet made into umbrella stands. HELL YEAH, do we have to wait till she dies first?
By: Dave
Saturday, Apr 26th 2003 (12:37am)
Question- If we weren't supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?

Maybe PETA should try to answer that question, because their latest campaign is an outrage!
By: Some Nobody
Friday, Feb 28th 2003 (8:10pm)
But somehow, just this once, I don't mind. cuz that is one smoking ASS! Sorry, Dave. It's not that Saved By The Bell kids ass.
By: Scott
Thursday, Feb 27th 2003 (12:25am)
Yes, those lovable fucktards are back in the news again, this time for belittling a murder victim by comparing her death to the slaughter of farm animals. Good going, dickholes.
By: Dave
Thursday, Dec 12th 2002 (12:14am)
The latest commercial by PeTA (affectionately known in these parts as 'them fucktards') depicts a store manager being bound and gagged and shoppers taken hostage, while an unseen terrorist (a turkey puppet) threatens to beat, scald and dismember anyone who resists. Jesus, PeTA is so fucked up, don't they realize that turkeys prefer to terrorize banks?
By: Dave
Saturday, Nov 30th 2002 (12:42am)
This time, PeTA might've bitten off more than it can chew. The veggie naggers are attacking one of America's fondest symbols of holiday excess: John Madden's Thanksgiving Turducken. You know, a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken. Madden, in one of those great moments in sports history, pawed one apart during the Eagles-49ers telecast on "Monday Night Football."
By: Some Nobody
Friday, Nov 29th 2002 (12:35am)
PeTA activists (commonly known in these parts as fucktards) hopped onstage during a Victoria's Secret fashion show to badmouth and intimidate one of the models involved. Notice how they'll throw paint on old ladies in fur and hassle supermodels, but they don't bother the bikers about their leather. Go figure.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Nov 19th 2002 (12:05am)
PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, today announced that they will be ending the good fight because it has all been in vain. Not only is this country eating more meat than ever, Coach, the makers of fine leather goods, plans on having a huge end of the year blowout which could completely set PETA back 15 years. This announcement was made over a stunning barbecue with slabs of beef ribs, succulent Midwest-style pork chops and an appearance by Rumpy, the dancing rump roast. Read more here.
By: Hellvis
Thursday, Nov 14th 2002 (10:44am)
Those PeTA fucktards have put a Chester County church on notice that its annual pig roast is unchristian and will be the subject of protest unless the church agrees to serve vegetarian food instead.
By: Dave
Friday, Sep 20th 2002 (12:21am)
Just when you thought that the airlines policy on fat people in seats had reached the peak of stupidity, in comes the fucktards at Peta.
By: faedra
Thursday, Sep 5th 2002 (2:55pm)
When I was a kid, a mall I hung out in had a couple of skill games you could play against a chicken - plunk in a quarter and it would peck at a little panel inside its glass cage and light up squares on a tic-tac-toe board. Quite the challenge. I figured these little bizarre chunks of Americana were extinct, but the Tropicana in Vegas has turned it into a gambling device - and boy is PeTA pissed about it. Yeesh, give a dumb bird gainful employment and those animal rights freaks get all uptight. There's just no pleasing some people!
By: Dave
Saturday, Jun 22nd 2002 (12:06am)

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