...aliens attack back.
By: ZiB
Sunday, Jan 4th 2009 (9:53am)
An astonishing video footage of a 'flying saucer' spotted in Turkey is being considered the "most important images of a UFO ever filmed".
By: dave
Tuesday, Oct 28th 2008 (12:10am)
Two U.S. fighter planes were scrambled and ordered to shoot down an unidentified flying object (UFO) over the English countryside during the Cold War, according to secret files made public on Monday.
By: dave
Tuesday, Oct 21st 2008 (12:18am)
We wish it to be understood that on the 14th day of your month of October in the year 2008 a craft of great size shall be visible within your skies. It shall be in the south of your hemisphere and it shall scan over many of your states.
By: dave
Tuesday, Oct 14th 2008 (6:01am)
There's been much talk online of something big happening tomorrow in the area of extraterrestrial awareness and recognition. Here's what to expect.
By: dave
Monday, Oct 13th 2008 (6:13am)
Dr. Edgar Mitchell, apparently too old to care what people think about him anymore, has admitted that aliens have been visiting this planet and governments have been covering it up for decades.
By: timmy242
Wednesday, Jul 23rd 2008 (7:34am)
Hundreds report sighting over Liverpool, army investigating.
By: dave
Thursday, Jun 26th 2008 (6:06am)
Apparently, secret talks regarding UFOs and disclosure have been continuing at the UN.
By: timmy242
Tuesday, Jun 10th 2008 (1:42pm)
The site at Rocky Mountain Paranormal apparently has *leaked* the aforementioned alien video.
By: timmy242
Friday, May 30th 2008 (10:53am)
A video that purportedly shows a living, breathing space alien will be shown to the news media Friday in Denver.
By: dave
Friday, May 30th 2008 (5:55am)
The Alien is my brother.
Is the Vatican caving in?
More disclosure from Britain.
Coast to Coast always has the answers.

Are we being prepared???
By: timmy242
Wednesday, May 14th 2008 (9:43am)
Over Phoenix *and* Florida this time.
By: timmy242
Tuesday, Apr 22nd 2008 (11:20am)
(more)   [Comments: 5]
A Bosnian man feels like he's being hassled by extra-terrestrials because his house has been hit by meteors 5 times.
By: dave
Wednesday, Apr 9th 2008 (5:56am)
Sources say UN holds secret UFO disclosure meeting last week. It's only a matter of time 'Loggers!
By: timmy242
Sunday, Feb 17th 2008 (11:19am)
A recent UFO sighting in Texas comes with an interesting twist - this time, it was being chased by military jets.
By: dave
Wednesday, Jan 16th 2008 (4:18am)
Former pilots and officials call for NEW U.S. UFO probe.

Oh 9/11, what have you done?
By: timmy242
Tuesday, Nov 13th 2007 (10:51am)
Yeah, I dig. Fortunately, you can make this swank Thought Screen Helmet and keep the smarmy little bastards from abducting you.
By: dave
Wednesday, Oct 17th 2007 (12:34am)
From teh Drudge.
By: timmy242
Thursday, Aug 23rd 2007 (9:04am)
Looks like the hybrid program is proceeding nicely, Commander Igzib! Incredibly NSFW.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Jun 26th 2007 (7:57am)
Roswell, NM is opening an alien-themed amusement park set to open in 2010. It will feature a coaster that recreates being abducted by aliens.

I'd check that seat real careful before getting on.
By: Dave
Wednesday, May 30th 2007 (12:07am)
...because they're horkin our cows!
By: Dave
Monday, Apr 23rd 2007 (5:53am)
The truth is out there.
By: J20
Wednesday, Mar 14th 2007 (9:18am)
Now you too can keep them away with this amazing product.
By: J20
Thursday, Mar 8th 2007 (6:47pm)
The story is pretty strange, take precautions.
By: J20
Thursday, Jan 4th 2007 (1:32pm)
Lots of references to one of my favorite scientists - Bob Lazar. Enjoy!
By: J20
Thursday, Aug 3rd 2006 (1:50pm)

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