Eduardo Strauch lost his wallet and jacket in a plane crash back in '72 - perhaps you heard about it - but thanks to the keen eyesight of some hikers, he just got 'em back.
By: Dave
Monday, Feb 28th 2005 (5:36am)
How to be lucky? Just buy yerself some Luck Lessons, sucker.
By: boho-daddy
Monday, Jan 10th 2005 (4:22am)
Meet Ashley Revell, a guy who sold everything he owned, and put it all on red at a roulette wheel in Vegas... and won.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Apr 21st 2004 (7:55am)
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A Croatian dubbed the world's luckiest man after surviving seven major disasters has won the jackpot with his first lottery ticket in 40 years.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Jun 18th 2003 (12:10am)

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