When was the last time you had an epileptic siezure? Too long, I'm guessing. CLICK HERE and get ready to flop around on the floor like a fish!
By: Dave
Monday, Apr 29th 2002 (12:11am)
By: Dave
Wednesday, Apr 24th 2002 (11:40pm)
Man, the stupidest things crack me up - like British Road Signs Sing Gloria Gaynor.
By: Dave
Monday, Apr 22nd 2002 (1:17am)
Tired of berating yourself? Get abuse from the pro... it's the FULL METAL JACKET soundboard. Sgt. Hartman is waiting for you...
By: chimpy
Sunday, Apr 21st 2002 (2:36pm)
132! Gasp! 2164.133! Moan! 44519! Oh Baby! It's the Orgasmic Calculator!
By: Dave
Wednesday, Apr 17th 2002 (11:29pm)
I'm not really strong, I'm not really fast, but I can get some dolphins to kick your ass.
By: Dave
Monday, Apr 15th 2002 (12:37pm)
You don't like muffins? How can you NOT like muffins?
By: Dave
Wednesday, Mar 13th 2002 (12:50am)
By: Dusty
Thursday, Mar 7th 2002 (1:28am)

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