So you've been following the news about the Rowan County, KY clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses. And sure, you have an opinion or two regarding the matter.
One Twitter user has created the mock account @NextToKimDavis that shares the thoughts of the bespectacled woman who silently sits at the counter while Davis claims she's representing "God's Authority."
Now the fun begins. Read on.
By: spam_vigilante
Thursday, Sep 3rd 2015 (7:56pm)
One of the oldest head-shakers on the web, Gene Ray's Time Cube, has disappeared. It is inevitable, I suppose, that classic content like this will fade away (we'll REALLY take a hit when's Wayback Machine goes byebye), but we don't have to be happy about it. Today we mourn as the oldschool web gets another slice closer to the death of a thousand cuts.
By: dave
Thursday, Sep 3rd 2015 (12:01am) | Thanks: Niveras
The possibilities are endless. Obituaries? Politics? News of disaster? Have a blast with this prank site and share with others.
By: spam_vigilante
Monday, Aug 31st 2015 (12:00am)
Not just for politics, you can enter your own keywords, like Kardashian or Jenner, for example. It works for Firefox and Chrome (sorry Safari and IE users).
By: spam_vigilante
Tuesday, Jul 7th 2015 (4:12am)
Not really, however many unicode characters look like upside down alphabet characters. Easily create your own here and then befuddle your friend in an email or on social media.
Most applications will let you copy and paste the results.
By: spam_vigilante
Friday, Jul 3rd 2015 (12:00am)
Follow up to yesterday's pick. All those servers and routers to keep information flowing. Hank Green explains. How much electricity?
By: spam_vigilante
Thursday, Jun 18th 2015 (12:33pm)
Not a hacking video. Hank Green describes some severe vulnerabilities that we face when we use the communications network.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, Jun 17th 2015 (11:49pm)
With Factoclock, you can learn something new every minute. Rejoice trivia fans.
By: spam_vigilante
Tuesday, Jun 16th 2015 (3:28am) | Thanks: Presurfer
Rebellious Reddit users have swamped the site with derogatory comments about staff and images of overweight people after its decision to ban several subforums.
By: dave
Thursday, Jun 11th 2015 (4:03am)
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And you thought that search engines were the greatest super apps on the Interwebs? Try this fella on for size.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, May 27th 2015 (1:31am)
If you aspire to be one of those types that uses little ascii faces and pictures online, will help you fill your clipboard full of UTF-8 gibberish that you can paste all over the web with reckless abandon.
By: dave
Friday, Mar 27th 2015 (12:04am) | Thanks: rich cream
What was the first thing sold on the internet ever? A computer? A car? Nope, sorry. It was a bag of pot.
By: dave
Tuesday, Dec 16th 2014 (12:02am)
In the UK, many items on Amazon suddenly appear for a price of one penny. Retailers rail, while Amazon blames third-party software.
By: spam_vigilante
Monday, Dec 15th 2014 (7:24am) | Thanks: reddit
So the boss at work installed a filter that prevents you from visiting on the company time. Fret not and don't rely on just one proxy service because the filter gets updates and begins to block them as well. You now have access to hundreds of sites that will allow admittance for you.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, Oct 1st 2014 (12:00am)
John Oliver tells it like it is: If you rely on advertising to pay for your broadcast or website, you end up beholden to them. Of course, he makes the point much funnier than I can.
By: spam_vigilante
Monday, Aug 4th 2014 (11:13am)
YUP | 2 YO.
There's a new app for your IOS/Android device that only serves one function: to send the word "YO" to your internet pals. It's obviously more clever than I can see, because they just pulled $1m in funding for the app.
By: dave
Friday, Jun 20th 2014 (12:04am) | Thanks: Rich Cream
A couple of images to amuse you.
Sexy girl.
Walking man.
By: spam_vigilante
Thursday, Jun 5th 2014 (2:48am)
Today is your lucky day, then - introducing the ASCII webcam, see yourself in glorious text!
By: dave
Friday, May 9th 2014 (5:19am) | Thanks: mefi
In which Hank debates Hank on one of the most important debates in the United States today, whether to keep the internet open or to allow cable companies to open fast lanes (and slow lanes) for different parts of the internet to flow through.

Please make a public comment here!
The filing number is 14-28

Tell the FCC that they should reclassify broadband internet as a telecommunications (or "Common carrier") service. Right now broadband is regulated like TV or radio, which doesn't make sense.

This is a public comment for the public record... official government stuff... so you'll have to include your actual name and address.

You can also email the FCC directly here:

If you want to help some organizations that work their butts off trying to fight the telecoms, check out:

Save The Internet (from FreePress)

Public Knowledge

And contact your congress people.
By: spam_vigilante
Saturday, May 3rd 2014 (9:34am) | Thanks: Jaxon
So you want to make people type a lot just to address an email to you? Welcome to a free service for the longest email address in the world. Sign up today.

So you really want to get more spam? No you don't. Try Mailinator, which is the receive-only solution to sites that require you to sign up and supply an email address. Totally unsecure and totally disposable.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, Apr 16th 2014 (12:30am)
Hero, traitor, whatever we think of him I do not care. He has a couple of items to contribute.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, Mar 19th 2014 (2:45am) | Thanks: Boingboing
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So to celebrate their 10th anniversary, Facebook created an application that displays your events in a little movie. How nice.
What if it was real?
By: spam_vigilante
Friday, Feb 7th 2014 (7:07am) | Thanks: Dara
Did you know that if you use GIS to look for "people coughing" you get page after page of invisible blowjobs? Now you do.
By: dave
Tuesday, Nov 19th 2013 (8:41am) | Thanks: my infantile sense of humor
One of my longtime favorite places on the web, (.org is for fascists), has announced it will be shutting down shortly after the turn of the year. In an oldschool internet dying the death of a thousand cuts, losing fazed is a huge gash indeed.
By: dave
Monday, Oct 21st 2013 (4:34pm)
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Yes, web devs rejoice, here's a little .js drop-in that'll have your project baking brownies upon scroll.
By: dave
Monday, May 13th 2013 (12:01am)
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