A new McDonald's advert featuring Asterix the Gaul enjoying burger and fries with a Coke has sparked outrage in France. Purists accuse the cartoon hero of "surrendering" to the American fast food chain.
By: dave
Monday, Aug 23rd 2010 (12:08am)
Brazil's Moma ad agency created a set of ads for newfangled tech companies in a mid-century style.
By: spam_vigilante
Friday, Aug 6th 2010 (6:08am) | Thanks: boingboing
Brazilian audio house Saxsofunny struck a chord with this clever campaign that boosted their sales in a highly competitive market.
By: dave
Tuesday, Jun 15th 2010 (12:06am)
British Airways has drawn much unwelcome attention to itself with a photo touting its new mobile-boarding pass system as it appears to expedite the air travel of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, the world's most wanted man.
By: dave
Thursday, Jun 3rd 2010 (12:06am) | Thanks: brett
I didn't think I'd ever say it, but this year for Thanksgiving... I finally got it in the can!
By: SackBlabbath
Monday, Nov 30th 2009 (6:23pm)
The WTC was more than just a center of buildings, it was a monument to our technical and financial ingenuity. Both before and after it was brought down by a staggeringly effective terrorist attack, it's been the subject of many tasteless ads - some intentional, some not.
By: dave
Friday, Sep 11th 2009 (4:24am)
Sometimes, the location can overshadow the message.
By: dave
Tuesday, Mar 31st 2009 (4:48am)
Every once and a while, I'll see a bus here in town that's wrapped to look like a loaf of bread. I used to think that was pretty impressive. Then I saw these.
By: dave
Tuesday, Mar 10th 2009 (12:08am) | Thanks: mefi
You know, I'm really not a pancho kinda guy... but I must admit, this ad swayed me.
By: dave
Wednesday, Mar 4th 2009 (4:24am)
Used to be, ads were dull and easily ignorable. Then a decade or two back, someone realized that funny ads got noticed. Nowadays, to grab people's attention you have to shock them.
By: dave
Wednesday, Feb 18th 2009 (6:52am) | Thanks: blort
I don't need much out of life - the love of a good woman, a solid job, a steady stream of smokes, and insane local tv ads.

By: dave
Monday, Dec 15th 2008 (5:30am)
Well, hold on to your horses, he's about to sink much, much lower.
By: dave
Friday, Sep 26th 2008 (5:49am)
Dunkin' Donuts just pulled an ad from their latest campaign with Rachel Ray because she's wearing a scarf that some might consider a supportive move for Arab terrorism.
By: dave
Wednesday, May 28th 2008 (6:59am)
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Shoot for something a little closer to home - the sky.
By: dave
Thursday, May 8th 2008 (5:58am)
We all know that junk mail sucks. Here's a fun way to get back at the bulk mailers (with a bonus way to get back at email spammers!)
By: timmy242
Tuesday, Apr 15th 2008 (8:18am)
Resist the urge to stuff quarters into your TV when this spot rolls.
By: dave
Wednesday, Mar 26th 2008 (4:41am)
Join us in liberating mundane, un-interesting marketing messages and your handy work may be featured here in our monthly moustachings.
By: dave
Thursday, Mar 6th 2008 (5:30am)
Just ask Chippy the Squirrel.
By: justascosh
Thursday, Feb 7th 2008 (12:07am)
Dr. Pepper's latest atrocity - Cherry Chocolate - has just the guy to promote it.
By: dave
Thursday, Nov 29th 2007 (5:55am)
the sexual idealization of animals... to make you buy more stuff.
By: SackBlabbath
Friday, Nov 16th 2007 (3:37pm)
If this is legit, this is a fuckin' brilliant advert for a funeral home.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Oct 10th 2007 (6:59am)
Lots of your common advertising icons like Little Debbie and Bob's Big Boy are based on actual people. This piece tracks down 10 of the most popular icons in advertising history, showing where they came from and what eventually became of the people who inspired them.
By: Dave
Friday, Sep 21st 2007 (6:43am)
...and watch banned commercials! BANG!
By: Dave
Monday, Aug 20th 2007 (12:01am)
...and that was the gayest thing I'd ever seen until I watched the new Viagra commercial.
By: Dave
Friday, Aug 10th 2007 (8:03am)

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