Oh yea, time to be collecting cans for my gas tank!
By: ZiB
Wednesday, Apr 20th 2011 (1:32am) | Thanks: /.
Of course, auto recalls happen all the time. Usually not for spider problems, though.
By: dave
Monday, Mar 7th 2011 (12:01am)
Instead of whining about it, be grateful someone didn't go all-out like this guy!
By: dave
Thursday, Feb 10th 2011 (12:07am)
Meaning, don't forget the morbid vanity plate!
By: dave
Tuesday, Jan 4th 2011 (12:00am) | Thanks: miss c
Pontiac, the brand that invented the muscle car under its flamboyant engineer John Z. DeLorean, helped Burt Reynolds elude Sheriff Justice in 'Smokey and the Bandit' and taught baby boomers to salivate over horsepower, but produced mostly forgettable cars for their children, will endure a lonely death on Sunday after about 40 million in sales.
By: dave
Monday, Nov 1st 2010 (7:18am)
They can help you not just find your home page, but your home, too.
By: Mr._Dog
Sunday, Oct 10th 2010 (5:48am)
Narcissist clowns with an extra buck burning a hole in their pocket can get creative and show the world their perversiveness on their auto.
By: spam_vigilante
Friday, Sep 10th 2010 (3:54pm)
You've got the wing on the trunk, strategically placed high-performance stickers, even speed holes in the hood. Maybe you can squeeze out another horse or two by slapping these ridiculous things on your headlights.
By: dave
Monday, Aug 30th 2010 (12:09am)
(more)   [Comments: 0]
...but it is the unholy union of transport for clowns and bikers with a bit of Segway tossed in for flavor. It's the RYNO.
By: dave
Tuesday, Aug 24th 2010 (5:50am) | Thanks: awesomer
Stuck in a wheelchair but long for the open road? Wheel your ass up the ramp and into the back of this accessible trike and get ready for the thrill of the wind in your hair and bugs in your teeth.
By: dave
Wednesday, Jun 30th 2010 (6:03am) | Thanks: ohgizmo
Listen - you hear that high-pitched squee way off in the distance? That'd be my co-worker Kimberly, having just seen this link of her next car. Did you just hear it again? That's because she just found the oil for it.
By: dave
Monday, Jun 21st 2010 (12:08am) | Thanks: presurfer
Put on your matching hat, slip under the muffin top of your Cupcake Car, and let the world figure itself out for awhile.
By: dave
Thursday, Jun 17th 2010 (6:03am) | Thanks: presurfer
Actually, it's a whole page of cool Sharpie artwork, but the car... THE CAR.
By: dave
Wednesday, Mar 31st 2010 (12:05am)
The storied history of the cheapest car sold in America is laid down in this new book.
By: dave
Tuesday, Mar 16th 2010 (6:01am)
Even though I learned to drive a stick in a Toyota, I've never owned one myself and don't really have a feel for what it's like to drive one. Fortunately, this online Toyota simulator provides a realistic driving experience.
By: dave
Tuesday, Mar 9th 2010 (12:05am) | Thanks: b&p
This truck looks regular when you look at the first few pictures. But look at the rest. Wow! It looks so comfortable when you look at the other pics... It has a luxury living-room inside its awning. And a bathroom... And a kitchen! You can live in this truck!
By: dave
Tuesday, Sep 8th 2009 (6:02am)
While the cars are mostly garishly extravagant, the Sonny model's notched front is brilliance in design - it's perfectly positioned to catch, say, a fast-moving tree.
By: dave
Wednesday, Jun 10th 2009 (5:25am)
Fresh off the assembly line in India, the Tata Nano is 10 feet long, has a top speed of 65mph, gets 55mpg, has a single windshield wiper, and always-on emergency blinkers. Sticker price? Two grand.
By: dave
Tuesday, Mar 24th 2009 (5:38am)
Erwin Wurm's rides are flat-out FAT.
By: dave
Tuesday, Jan 6th 2009 (12:30am)
Learn from this guy.
By: ZiB
Friday, Dec 19th 2008 (10:57am) | Thanks: Wyatt
Well, now I have a weekend project.
By: dave
Saturday, Nov 8th 2008 (12:12am) | Thanks: mystery link
Curiously, they keep getting rear-ended by guys in Corvettes. NSFW.
By: dave
Monday, Nov 3rd 2008 (12:11am) | Thanks: BigAl
Now you can too, drive in a shoe.
By: dave
Wednesday, Sep 24th 2008 (4:47am)

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