President Bush was quoted recently as saying, and not so eloquently, the idea of attacking Iran was 'wild speculation.' The thing that gets me is that he said that about Iraq, too. But as it turns out, he and his posse were planning on invading Iraq long before they even had to claim that they were using diplomacy...which they weren't.

Care to follow up on this one, J20?
By: Mr._Dog
Monday, Apr 10th 2006 (12:18pm)
I have posted some whoppers here at davelog but I'm surprised to find that I haven't posted any videos from David Icke.
By: J20
Tuesday, Mar 21st 2006 (11:06am)
They left out a few of my favorites. Before you click the link, how many can you name off?
By: J20
Monday, Jan 16th 2006 (8:02pm)'s Michael Rivero gets interviewed by Alex Jones. Want to have some real fun? Listen to 10 min. of that interview then turn on the AM radio and listen to Rush Limbaugh for 10 min.
By: J20
Wednesday, Jan 4th 2006 (2:47pm)
Popular Mechanics?? Couldn't the government pay a more relevant magazine to do this job?
By: BunnieLebowski
Wednesday, Jan 4th 2006 (11:00am)
Okay, so I have been pushing the Secret Santa thing because it's a really cool idea. Trouble is, my woman and I have been blackballed!

I received a terse email from the lead Santa dude, and I replied, asking in a Cindy-Lou Who kind of way: "Why Santy Clause, why?"

Let's see what happens...

Do you feel as outraged, too? I encourage you to write in protest!
By: Mr._Dog
Tuesday, Dec 13th 2005 (10:54am)
I think this might be a little far fetched.
By: J20
Thursday, Dec 8th 2005 (9:44am)
Really, it's true.
By: Mr._Dog
Saturday, Nov 12th 2005 (6:08am)
Recently came across this site about this deadly, dangerous chemical. Just thought I'd share the info and try and save lives at the same time. If you don't believe that the government hides stuff from us, then check out this site.
By: Ephineyshellstorm
Monday, Nov 7th 2005 (1:57pm)
I had a little bird,
Its name was Enza.
I opened the window,
And in-flu-enza.
Children's ditty, 1918
By: J20
Sunday, Oct 16th 2005 (11:35am)
Keith O had better stay off single engine planes and stay out of Ft. Marcy Park after making such claims.
By: J20
Sunday, Oct 16th 2005 (11:01am)
What Really Happened.

Staffer J20's gonna be busy for the rest of the day.
By: Dave
Friday, Oct 7th 2005 (6:51am)
Clock error helped Patriots beat Steelers.
By: J20
Monday, Sep 26th 2005 (11:29pm)
The city of New Orleans had begun confiscating legally-owned firearms from New Orleans' residents.

Bonus Links
By: J20
Tuesday, Sep 13th 2005 (9:31am)
You knew somebody was going to say it, and now they have. BOOM!
By: J20
Monday, Sep 12th 2005 (12:23pm)
(more)   [Comments: 0]
A meteorologist in Pocatello, Idaho, claims Japanese gangsters known as the Yakuza caused Hurricane Katrina.
By: Dave
Saturday, Sep 10th 2005 (12:32am)
You've harbored the suspicion that hurricane Katrina was merely a ploy to engineer social and financial change by the powers that be - and now, you have validation.
By: Dave
Saturday, Sep 3rd 2005 (12:01am)
Nothing to see here, move along.
By: J20
Monday, Aug 29th 2005 (1:12pm)
There are some strange happenings surrounding the bombings in London: forums and news feeds are down.





What the heck does this have to do with it?

I pray for the innocent.
By: J20
Thursday, Jul 7th 2005 (1:28pm)
Turns out that the earth is actually growing, and the scientific community is hiding it, since it would utterly negate all the work they've ever done. Who knew?
By: Dave
Wednesday, Jun 29th 2005 (12:02am)
In honor of release of Star Wars III, I thought I would share this article.
By: J20
Wednesday, May 18th 2005 (10:57am)
So right now the big news being told is "Runaway Bride", when the media should be talking about how 88 congress members want to know what the hell is this secret meeting about invading Iraq in 2002.
By: J20
Monday, May 9th 2005 (5:08pm)
What the fuck and fuck?
By: J20
Monday, Apr 18th 2005 (9:52am)
Interesting write up linking Harry Potter books to the 4th Density.
By: J20
Tuesday, Apr 12th 2005 (12:15pm)

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