Well, not Aliens per se...

But some of my favorite Cryptozoological links from around them thar internets has to start here. Then there's Cryptomundo, which serves as a clearinghouse on all things cryptid, of which my favorite has to be Steve Austin's best animal buddy (and Tenacious D drummer)...the Sasquatch.

One of the most esteemed Bigfoot researchers can be found here. He runs NAAP, the North American Ape Project, and he's serious about his research!

Bonus UFO/Alien links from today's news.
By: timmy242
Friday, Jun 23rd 2006 (2:35pm)
By: J20
Friday, Jun 9th 2006 (9:06pm)
And now the link between our bigfooted friend and the UFO phenomenon will be firmly established at an upcoming Michigan MUFON meeting at Walli's!
By: timmy242
Thursday, May 4th 2006 (6:21am)
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George Knapp over at KLAS is at it again with the UFO stories. Will this guy ever get a life?
By: timmy242
Wednesday, Nov 23rd 2005 (11:44am)
Okay. Maybe not. But this article does try to explain how the Internet Killed the Alien Star.
By: timmy242
Thursday, Nov 10th 2005 (2:21pm)
One minute Jonathan Reed was hiking with his golden retriever in a forest in Seattle. The next, his pet was being torn apart by a "gray" — an alien being with an elongated head, smelling of rotting fruit.

A scene from a sci-fi film? No, maintains Reed, a former child-developmental psychologist who says he took the alien home and lived with it for nine days in which it communicated via telepathy and was able to pull thoughts from his mind.
By: timmy242
Thursday, Oct 6th 2005 (11:48am)
A bright green sign along a lonely country road in southwestern Puerto Rico proudly displays a silhouette of a flying saucer and two words: "Extraterrestrial Route."
By: Sunny
Wednesday, Sep 28th 2005 (11:48am)
What do you do if you see a UFO? Here is the top ten list.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Jun 28th 2005 (6:08am)
Prophet Yahweh, UFO SUMMONING MAN. Pretty wierd.
By: J20
Sunday, May 29th 2005 (4:48pm)
Premiers tonight on Discovery Channel.
By: J20
Saturday, May 14th 2005 (7:14pm)
This just in: Video Shows UFO Moving Through Sky Behind St. Peter's During Pope John Paul II Funeral
By: Dave
Wednesday, Apr 13th 2005 (6:10am)
Have the Mexicans learned how to fly?
By: J20
Wednesday, Feb 16th 2005 (7:21pm)
You never know what you will find in the desert.
By: J20
Sunday, Feb 13th 2005 (10:33am)
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"It was made in the 1680's in France and the design on one side certainly looks like it could be a flying saucer in the clouds over the countryside,"
By: J20
Saturday, Jan 29th 2005 (11:29pm)
India may be the first country to explain to the world about extra-terrestrial and UFO contacts – the secret debate is on...
By: J20
Friday, Jan 7th 2005 (7:30am)
The alien bastards are up to something again in my old stomping grounds in the windy city. Yet another of the Triangle Ships made its way around the Tinley Park area looking for me (or should I say, my discarded alien tracking chip - which I removed some 20 years ago).
By: timmy242
Wednesday, Dec 8th 2004 (10:04am)
Here in Arizona we all remember the Triangle Of Lights in Tucson. They have been showing up here and there in different countries and again they are back from a world wide tour.
By: J20
Sunday, Nov 21st 2004 (11:07am)
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and requires an intuitive eye in order to unlock its secrets, Because our space brothers have strict rules not to interfere. They are helping us in ways we can't imagine.


Oh yeah, check out "All of My Reviews" for the dude called PINDAR. Trust me.
By: Mr._Dog
Sunday, Nov 14th 2004 (6:58pm)
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It never fucking fails. You cash your paycheck at the 7-11, pick up some streetwalker on the way home, get her hotpants off, and are viciously assaulted by a bunch of tentacles and spikes and shit.

If only I'd had this handy guide a decade ago.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Sep 8th 2004 (8:03am)
You know someone at SETI soiled themselves over this.
By: FuzzyBunnySlippers
Thursday, Sep 2nd 2004 (7:16am)
...and here's proof!
By: Dave
Tuesday, Jul 27th 2004 (5:22am)
And the killer quote from the article:

Farmer Prior estimated the damage to his crops was at least $300. He said he thinks the crop circles was created by some local kids or, at worst, some drunks looking for a good time.
By: J20
Tuesday, Jun 29th 2004 (9:45pm)
One week ago, we had a huge power outage that caused 65 thousand people, here in Phoenix, to go without power. That same night, those strange lights in a V shape was near the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant. Coincidence? There's video too.
By: J20
Tuesday, Jun 22nd 2004 (1:49pm)
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¡Mire las luces de mierda bonitas!
By: J20
Wednesday, May 12th 2004 (8:10am)
Bring the fun and conspiracy theories of Area 51 to your own backyard!
By: scooter1979
Monday, May 10th 2004 (5:48pm)

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