Miss Deaf Texas, Tara Rose McAvoy, was walking along a train track when she was run over and killed by a Union Pacific train, even though it sounded its horn constantly, unheeded all the way up to the accident.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Mar 14th 2006 (9:08am)
The great state of Texas has been missing something for a while now - and the man who can give it back, Kinky Friedman, is gonna be on tonight's 60 Minutes on CBS.
By: Dave
Sunday, Jan 22nd 2006 (12:03am)
We don't have Rick Perry or Carole Strayhorn money to get our message out, so we're putting our ad online and counting on you to spread the word. Please distribute the ad to friends and family so that it spreads like a bad rumor.

Can do, Kinkster!
By: Dave
Friday, Sep 23rd 2005 (12:12am)
Texas is a great place - but it has its fair share of biddies, wackjobs, and nutburgers. Meet Gladis Haralski, who is one of 'em - she's trying to shut down the web.
By: Dave
Tuesday, May 17th 2005 (6:59am)
I'd heard that Ted Nugent had a ranch in Texas, but now it's being confirmed: he's a resident of Crawford. The Motor City Madman is now a Texan, and I welcome Ted in all his gun-totin' glory.
By: boho-daddy
Sunday, May 15th 2005 (8:26pm)
The Lone Star State just proposed a law outlawing lewd or suggestive cheerleading. No more will the pep squad be able to do the booty hop, nor drop and do the booty wop.
By: Dave
Friday, May 6th 2005 (6:47am)
A San Antonio cop accidentally discharged his sidearm twice while taking a dump in a public toilet.
By: Dave
Thursday, May 5th 2005 (6:15am)
I'll never be able swim in Lake Travis again, knowing there's humongous fish in there. Doesn't beat the record, but it's still one for the books.
By: boho-daddy
Monday, Apr 11th 2005 (5:31pm)
I don't have to tell y'all about Texas pride, but you may need a reminder about this important day in Texas history. Though it's no longer an official holiday, Texas Independence Day is still widely celebrated throughout our beloved state in the form of parades, barbecues, concerts, 10k races, dogfights, chicken-poop bingo, etc. It's a celebration of freedom, a great day to quit your job, or at least take the day off to down a few cold ones at the lake. So today I invite you to join me in honoring the majestic Lone Star State, in all her quirky glory.

Declaration of Independence| Currency of the Republic| The Capitol
| State Symbols| How to talk like a Texan| True Believers| Are you a Texan?| Texas Glossary| Buggies For Sale| Texas Drive-ins| Odessa Stonehenge| Beercan House|Eccentric Texas Millionaires| The Continental Club| My Favorite State Park| Marfa Lights| Hill's Cafe
By: boho-daddy
Wednesday, Mar 2nd 2005 (12:10am)
Many folks are bitching about the architecture, but I think it's an appropriate edifice for the City of the Violet Crown.
By: boho-daddy
Friday, Jan 14th 2005 (2:26pm)
Some interesting things have come up in Texas' audit over usage of $600m in federal anti-terrorist funds... like lawn mower races.
By: Dave
Monday, Jan 10th 2005 (12:07am)
Especially the people.
By: boho-daddy
Sunday, Jan 9th 2005 (6:55pm)
Hunters soon may be able to sit at their computers and blast away at animals on a Texas ranch via the Internet, a prospect that has state wildlife officials up in arms.

Texas officials are not quite sure what to make of Underwood's Web site, but may tweak existing laws to make sure Internet hunting does not get out of hand.

God Bless Texas. Now if I could only get drunk, beat up my pops, and hump a dead moose, all from my computer chair life would be complete.
By: Scott
Wednesday, Nov 17th 2004 (8:23am)
(more)   [Comments: 1]
Two soldiers charged with public lewdness remained jailed Monday after they were observed having sex on the grounds of one of the nation's most revered historic sites, the Alamo.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Oct 13th 2004 (5:29am)
Texas is officially submerged. Our favorite natural disaster is again upon us, so let us look back at some of our famous floods.
Some adventurous locals (like my brother Dylan and his pals) actually relish the opportunity to boat this madness. The joy of casting oneself directly into the Wrath of God is lost on me, especially when I'm standing on my roof in a sopping wet bathrobe watching my car float away. But they make good pictures and videos.
By: boho-daddy
Wednesday, Jun 30th 2004 (7:47am)
Even though I don't technically count El Paso as Texas (it's not even in the same time zone as the rest of the state, for cryin' out loud), one neighbor's solution to a pet problem was decidedly Texan.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Jun 22nd 2004 (12:10am)
Grass isn't quite lush enough? Try hosing it down with a homebrew tonic of beer, soda, dish soap, mouthwash, and ammonia!
By: Dave
Wednesday, May 12th 2004 (6:34am)
The dead dinosaurs are running out - but there's plenty of sunshine left to go around, so Austin's taking the plunge to realistically go solar by 2020.
By: Dave
Monday, Mar 15th 2004 (12:01am)
Only in Texas... and God bless 'em for it!
By: Hellvis
Thursday, Mar 4th 2004 (12:12am)
Proving once again, Texas is truly oil country.
By: boho-daddy
Saturday, Feb 21st 2004 (5:31am)
You probably thought they were a bunch of gun-toting kooks, and they may be, but the Republic of Texas continues to fight for sovereignty from their new headquarters in Overton.
By: boho-daddy
Saturday, Dec 13th 2003 (8:10am)
The Austin Police Department's SWAT team stood guard in front of an East Austin home for almost seven hours, trying to persuade a robbery suspect to give himself up. But when they entered the home, they found no one inside.
By: Dave
Saturday, Nov 22nd 2003 (12:04am)
Back in the 70's, Austin became a mecca for hippies and dope-smoking rednecks. Several now-legendary beer joints popped up to meet their needs, and the Austin scene was born. Here, then, is the Holy Trinity of Old Austin honky-tonks: Threadgill's, made famous by Janis Joplin (it's now a restaurant). The Vulcan Gas Company introduced psychedlia to Austin. The Vulcan later evolved into the most famous and beloved honky-tonk, The Armadillo World Headquarters. It was here that Willie Nelson held court with his Cosmic Cowboy sounds, and the armadillo became an indelible local icon/mascot. All these old beer-joints are now defunct, but they had such an impact on then-sleepy Austin, they are still fondly remembered and spoken of in reverent tones by Austinites.
By: boho-daddy
Saturday, Nov 1st 2003 (8:47am)
(more)   [Comments: 0]
You probably never have, unless you've been on a long road trip through Texas. As anyone who's ever driven through Texas knows, the state is full of tiny little towns, often with hilarious names. This is the most comprehensive directory of Texas towns out there. Wanna know more about Ding Dong, Tarzan, or Noodle? Unless you want to drive 20 hours, this is the site for you. Includes maps and a list of ghost towns.
By: boho-daddy
Tuesday, Oct 28th 2003 (9:16am)
(more)   [Comments: 0]
Houston police arrested 425 people for criminal trespassing in a K-Mart parking lot (while it was open) and at the Sonic (also open) next door. Claiming curfew clean-up, they arrested everyone - whether they were legitimately shopping/dining or not - including many adults and a 10-year old girl who was eating with her dad. Everyone got to stay in the slam overnight without being processed or allowed phone calls. In a related story, every single lawyer in Houston just got a massive erection.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Aug 20th 2002 (12:11am)

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