If not, do your house up with a Flying Spaghetti Monster!
By: Dave
Monday, Dec 18th 2006 (12:03am)
Among the many, many uses for post-it notes: 8-bit stop-motion animation!
By: Dave
Monday, Nov 27th 2006 (5:08am)
Life isn't quite enough like your favorite first-person shooter? Here ya go.
By: Dave
Friday, Nov 17th 2006 (5:41am)
With some paint and effort, you can take your old tennis shoes and turn 'em into something special.
By: Dave
Thursday, Nov 2nd 2006 (5:13am)
All in one easy to learn lesson
By: Lothos
Friday, Sep 15th 2006 (2:30am)
(more)   [Comments: 0]
Sock Wars is a bloody, international death-by-sock tournament in which there can be only one survivor.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Aug 15th 2006 (12:04am)
Why? Because these are plans for a gun that is designed to prevent a bloodbath.
By: Dave
Monday, Aug 7th 2006 (12:04am)
Although hardly the stuff of McFly's ride, you can build a pretty swank hoverboard from a leaf blower, plywood, and 'more duct tape than is healthy.'
By: Dave
Thursday, Feb 23rd 2006 (12:04am)
Duct tape wallets have always been the height of geek chic - and now, you can make one that blocks out the RFID's in your credit cards, licenses, and money.
By: Dave
Monday, Jan 16th 2006 (11:52am)
Surprise Mom or the wife with a BOB* that'll give her not only orgasms on demand, but also street cred with the gaming dorks - this one uses an Atari 2600 joystick!

* Battery Operated Boyfriend
By: Dave
Wednesday, Nov 30th 2005 (6:27am)
Sick of having a Jack-O-Lantern that looks like a little kid carved it? Yeah, me too, especially after seeing the pumpkins Davelog member Gecko carves. She's a ninja, I tells ya.

Anyway, after getting pissed, then sad, then pissed again at my lack of Ninja-O-Lantern skillz, I found a site that walks you through the steps to carve a pumpkin like a pro!
By: scooter1979
Tuesday, Oct 25th 2005 (12:02am)
Gather up your plumbing fixtures and hoses - it's time to make a flamethrower!
By: Dave
Tuesday, Sep 13th 2005 (7:40am)
No, sorry, that's 'How to Make a Shirt with a Buck'.
By: Dave
Monday, Jul 25th 2005 (12:08am)
Don't be a fool - only a suicidal idiot would go into that 3-hour fiscal policy meeting unarmed. You need the Office Bow of Death, and you need it quick.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Jul 13th 2005 (5:28am)
A few quick folds and you can rule the skies in a Hasslehoffian fashion!
By: Dave
Thursday, Jun 30th 2005 (12:02am)
Outta smokes? In prison? You can either trade yourself to Bubba over there for a carton, or you can get creative. Your call.
By: Dave
Thursday, Jun 16th 2005 (12:01am)
(more)   [Comments: 0]
Stop using crappy plastic cases and stick 'em in crappy paper cases instead!
By: Dave
Tuesday, Jun 7th 2005 (12:05am)
Ya know what I hate? Those mother fuckin’ records! Those goddamn lazy records come to this country and don’t speak good English, and steal all the jobs from the real Americans. Well I think it’s time to say “Fuck y’all fuckin’ records. Stop stealing our welfare money and our women and our freedom and get yourself a mother fuckin’ job.” Please join us in making records do something for once. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be able use them just like us do.
By: Dave
Monday, May 2nd 2005 (12:03am)
If you've got some spare mirrors and wood lying around the house, you can craft yourself a mighty fine solar death ray in a few short hours. Please try to use it in a manner that benefits the public good, however.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Mar 23rd 2005 (6:34am)
Get out your paste and scissors (ask Mom first!) and make your very own paper arcade machines!
By: Dave
Wednesday, Jun 2nd 2004 (12:14am)
Today we learn how to make bedroom slippers out of maxi pads! Great for Christmas presents, or just pussyfooting around the house!
By: Dave
Wednesday, Sep 3rd 2003 (12:02am)

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