This ain't your dad's Batman Trailer. The trailer they just told Comic Con attendees didn't exist now exists.

Looks great! It's dark, not Tim Burton Dark, which isn't really dark. Christian Bale should make a great Bats/Bruce. Can't wait.
By: Scott
Thursday, Jul 29th 2004 (7:06am)
Check out a nifty new behind-the-scenes sneak peek at the batmobile from the upcoming 'Batman Begins'.

By: Hellvis
Thursday, May 20th 2004 (10:03am)
Batman and Robin have been on the streets of Whitley, saving damsels in distress, scaring wrongdoers and even chasing naked men from football pitches.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Apr 20th 2004 (12:05am)
Batman ain't no Fortunate Son!
By: Dave
Friday, Aug 9th 2002 (12:58am)
...animutations, those unfathomably twisted little flash flicks from Neil Cicierega? Nothing! He's still cranking 'em out, including the righteous Batman And The Magical Band-Aid!
By: Dave
Tuesday, Jul 16th 2002 (12:08am)

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