Looks like by this time next week, the earth will be enveloped in a dust cloud, and pummeled by comets and big debris for a couple of weeks, then whacked by the big one on 6/27 or 6/28. Nice knowin ya, kids!
By: Dave
Friday, Jun 4th 2004 (12:01am)
By: scooter1979
Thursday, Jun 3rd 2004 (5:46pm)
Feeling like the end is just around the corner? Well, you're not alone. Start your office polls now, there's plenty of dates to choose from!
By: oogabooga
Wednesday, Mar 10th 2004 (6:28am)
An errant advisory on the National Weather Service's Web site Wednesday briefly reported that Earth had broken out of its orbit and is careening toward a fiery end.
By: Dave
Friday, Dec 19th 2003 (12:05am)
Who decides when the Doomsday Clock should move, and what factors go into that decision?
By: J20
Monday, Nov 17th 2003 (9:09pm)
This is so funny I'm pissin' in my costume! (I'm Shaggy, my girls are Daphnie and Velma)
By: J20
Friday, Oct 31st 2003 (7:47am)
The Sun should lay off the refried beans! "It's like the Earth is looking right down the barrel of a giant gun pointed at us by the sun...and it's taken two big shots at us," said John Kohl of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.
By: J20
Thursday, Oct 30th 2003 (2:17pm)
So the sun has gastric problems. Last week it farted a small solar flare and it disrupted some airline communications. This passing of gas, which scientists observed as the biggest such explosion in 30 years shortly before 6 a.m. EST Tuesday. It produced a particle cloud 13 times larger than Earth and hurtled through the solar system at more than 1 million miles per hour. It should hit us with full impact today (Wednesday) and last for 24 hours.
By: j20
Wednesday, Oct 29th 2003 (8:17am)
An asteroid about the size of a small house passed just 88,000 kilometres from the Earth by on Saturday 27 September - the closest approach of a natural object ever recorded. Geostationary communication satellites circle the Earth 42,000km from the planet's centre.
By: Dave
Saturday, Oct 4th 2003 (12:06am)
(more)   [Comments: 0]
Start doing whatever it is that you're hoping to get done before you die, cuz something tells me our end is coming soon!
By: Hellvis
Thursday, Sep 4th 2003 (3:03am)
The Zetas predict that the 12th Planet will pass closest between the Earth and the Sun in late Spring or early Summer of 2003, probably May or June. At that time, the earth, being completely overwhelmed by the gravitational influence of the 12th Planet, will stop rotating completely for 3 days or so.
By: j20
Wednesday, Jun 4th 2003 (1:52pm)
Yep, time to start loading up the underground school bus bomb shelter, because an asteroid's gonna smack into us in 877 years - causing, among other delights, massive tsunamis!
By: Dave
Saturday, May 31st 2003 (2:07am)
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There are countless ways that this whole existance thingy of ours could come to an end - and over at Exit Mundi, they explore a good portion of them. This link will keep you awake for a few nights - great stuff!
By: Dave
Wednesday, Apr 30th 2003 (12:03am)
And this time it's for real. Know how I can tell? Because some fish were talkin' about it!
By: Dave
Thursday, Mar 27th 2003 (12:03am)
Isaac Newton* has placed the end of the world in 57 years, in 2060. Start packing!
* or, as we call him around the ranch, Isaac Newtweight. Name THAT reference without googling!
By: Dave
Saturday, Mar 1st 2003 (12:29am)
The magnetic poles of the planet are preparing to shift, and possibly flip - fucking everything up in the process! To the hills!
By: Dave
Monday, Nov 11th 2002 (12:11am)
The sun is overheating and will soon blow up... taking Earth and the rest of the solar system with it, scientists warn. The alert was issued after an international satellite photographed a massive explosion on the surface of the Sun that sent a plume of fire 30 times longer than the diameter of Earth blasting into space.
By: Dave
Thursday, Oct 3rd 2002 (12:26am)
But they can all agree that the world faces mass extinction! I prefer Kiet Doke myself.
By: Scott
Friday, Aug 23rd 2002 (10:48am)
Mankind is hurtling towards extinction once again - and this time, the culprit is tighty whities!
By: Dave
Tuesday, Aug 20th 2002 (12:11am)
According to JPL, the 2019 asteroid is gonna miss us. Question is now, did we really dodge a bullet or are they just placating the masses to avoid widespread panic?
By: Dave
Wednesday, Jul 31st 2002 (12:23am)
...because a 2-kilometer rock is headed straight for us and due in about 16 and a half years. If it hits, the damage will be on a continental scale, so start signing up on those 30-year mortgages!
By: Dave
Wednesday, Jul 24th 2002 (1:17am)
Here's what would happen if the moon crashed into Earth. Sleep well.
By: Dave
Thursday, Jul 4th 2002 (12:18am)

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