There were nearly as many theories as there were lockouts. But there were no firm answers as to why the remote devices stopped working.
By: J20
Sunday, Feb 22nd 2004 (4:02pm)
All the proof you ever wanted is right here.
By: J20
Thursday, Nov 6th 2003 (5:11pm)
Does anybody remember the UFO sighting in Tucson a few years back? It looks like it showed up in Colorado now. Military? Aliens? Whatever?!
By: j20
Tuesday, Oct 28th 2003 (12:04am)
Space aliens are not visiting Earth to plot the conquest of our planet or use their wisdom to guide mankind. They're here for our toothpaste!
By: Dave
Thursday, Oct 2nd 2003 (12:04am)
A former policewoman says she has been contacted by an alien race who give her orgasms at any moment.
By: Dave
Thursday, Sep 4th 2003 (12:02am)
"PEOPLE who claim to have been abducted by aliens suffer many of the same trauma symptoms as Vietnam veterans and World Trade Centre survivors, even though their memories are not real.'

So says you, stupid study guy!
By: Scott
Friday, Feb 28th 2003 (6:44pm)
There may be two explanations for Columbia's crash:

(1) Hot air friction sparked a fire in the damaged area while Columbia was descending at a speed of about 3.8 miles per second. The fire burnt through the unprotected area, and then reached the internal areas of the shuttle, its engines and fuel tanks.

(2) Columbia was shot down by aliens.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Feb 4th 2003 (6:30am)
BOCA RATON -- Many top scientists believe that aliens live secretly among us. The sneaky intergalactic travelers often pose as our friends, neighbors and co-workers while they learn the ways of Earth. But how can you tell invading aliens from real humans? Click here to find out.
By: Hellvis
Monday, Jan 20th 2003 (2:01pm)
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - A family got the shock of their lives when lightning zapped their satellite dish and the TV turned from nice to nasty -- with XXX extraterrestrial porno flicks!
By: Hellvis
Monday, Oct 14th 2002 (2:22pm)
J-Lo has an alien implant in her ass!
By: Dave
Saturday, Oct 5th 2002 (1:56am)

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