New hotness: Variable!
By: Dave
Saturday, Dec 25th 2004 (5:46am)
So, Sunny and I have discovered one of life's lesser-known truisms, that you simply cannot trust anyone who has two first names (like John Kerry, Dick Clark, or Tim Allen), and we pore over movie credits and stuff looking for offenders. Along those lines, has cobbled together a little list of Famous People Who Have A First Name for a Last Name, nearly all of whom meet our criteria.
By: Dave
Friday, Nov 19th 2004 (6:08am)
Not bloody likely, but at least there's still Weed for Congress!
By: Dave
Tuesday, Nov 2nd 2004 (5:40am)
...but he's still a Dick Head.
By: Dave
Thursday, Oct 21st 2004 (6:17am)
Check out this professor in Singapore who specializes in, among other things, those creepy fucking snakeheads.
By: Dave
Friday, Jun 11th 2004 (1:40am)
Quite a bit, if you change your name to Bubba Bubba Bubba.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Dec 2nd 2003 (12:32am)
Don't putter around with your largest investment, call Gaye Males today!
By: Dave
Monday, Sep 29th 2003 (2:41am)
Judging by his name, this guy should be making pornos instead of running for councillor.
By: Dave
Thursday, May 1st 2003 (6:25am)
Greetings friends! Welcome to! My name is Scott Ginsberg, although you may also know me as "that guy who always wears the nametag."
By: Dave
Tuesday, Apr 29th 2003 (12:05am)

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