Due to potential religious sensitivity over the particular name of everyone's favorite newborn flu, they are electing to avert offense by instead possibly offending a bunch of other people.

I was tempted to classify this as 'Idiots' but I'm sure someone somewhere might be offended by that too.
By: FuzzyBunnySlippers
Tuesday, Apr 28th 2009 (9:31am)
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PETA continues it's pervasive crusade into the entertainment world with this request.
By: FuzzyBunnySlippers
Friday, Apr 10th 2009 (10:35am)
I was originally going to file under WTF... Obama to star in Spider-Man comic
By: FuzzyBunnySlippers
Friday, Jan 9th 2009 (9:57am)
There are a slew of Beatles covers out there, some great and most not so great.

Here's one of the strangest ones I've heard: Ray Charles sings Eleanor Rigby
By: FuzzyBunnySlippers
Tuesday, Dec 30th 2008 (6:58am)
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While it's a few days old, it bears mentioning that you'd best STFU in the movie theater.
By: FuzzyBunnySlippers
Monday, Dec 29th 2008 (7:07am)
I guess it actually can happen early on in life.
By: FuzzyBunnySlippers
Wednesday, Dec 17th 2008 (12:23pm)
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A day early for Dave's Woundup... but behold, my new favorite YouTube video. Prostrated apologies if it's a repost. It gets better (or worse) the further you get.

Adam Awaits
By: FuzzyBunnySlippers
Tuesday, Nov 25th 2008 (10:29am)
Cool band, cool music, really cool Flash.
By: FuzzyBunnySlippers
Monday, Jul 28th 2008 (5:39pm)
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Large crowds appear for cage fighting and dollar beers... twist in plot... southerners enraged... rofling abounds.
By: FuzzyBunnySlippers
Tuesday, Jul 8th 2008 (3:08pm)
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Filed Under: Not Sure What Else To File Under, here's a touching story of noobs and boobs in the world of Conan.
By: FuzzyBunnySlippers
Monday, Jul 7th 2008 (3:02pm)
(more)   [Comments: 2]
Really bad cosplay makes my coffee time taste that much better. What I didn't expect was to find a few truly awesome quotes I can annoy my family with all week!
By: FuzzyBunnySlippers
Saturday, Jun 28th 2008 (10:18am)
I haven't seen as much as I thought I would about this event yesterday on my random web and TV travels.

Thankfully there's no sluts hanging laundry in the foreground of this and other photos.

Sigh... I really hated that movie.
By: FuzzyBunnySlippers
Thursday, Dec 8th 2005 (6:04am)
Yep. Bob Denver, the Mighty Sailing Man has been lost.
By: FuzzyBunnySlippers
Tuesday, Sep 6th 2005 (12:43pm)
File under *cringe*

I was looking for some more info on The Firm, the 80's powerhouse band of Page and Rodgers, and unfortunately ran into this. They even claim it was by a band, also called The Firm.

Two questions. Do you remember this? Can you sit all the way through it? I'm going to go kick something defenseless now.
By: FuzzyBunnySlippers
Thursday, Oct 7th 2004 (8:25am)
You know someone at SETI soiled themselves over this.
By: FuzzyBunnySlippers
Thursday, Sep 2nd 2004 (7:16am)
Gunnery Sgt. R. Lee Ermey wants you to get off your dead ass and buy this toy, maggots. Comes in regular and "Xtra salty".
By: FuzzyBunnySlippers
Tuesday, Jul 6th 2004 (7:08am)
Greetings to all of you on the day we Americans celebrate our Independence.

Lately we (collectively) like to throw around conversational words like "oppression" and "occupation" with reckless abandon but one thing remains true - we loves us some freedom, almost as much as we love sounding smart and informed after the sixth or seventh alcoholic beverage, and someone offends our democratic sensibilities.

For the many flavors of earthbound folks who wanted, or still want their freedom, does one group deserve it more than the next, or the next?

For us Free Peeps, do we get the whole story, or is there more to the tale? We are certainly free enough to find out. For a fun holiday project, do a search for 'balkans' at Fox News and celebrate if you can find anything.

Sure I sound overtly cynical but I personally love this holiday, possibly more than the rest of them. And for good reason, seeing how many places enjoy celebrating Independence.

So as my kids all sit out at the folding table next to the grill, constructing patriotic decorations and generally enjoying themselves in the blissful naivety of being a child somewhere as great as America, cheers to you all. I'm glad I can raise the little critters here:

Instead of here:

By: FuzzyBunnySlippers
Sunday, Jul 4th 2004 (2:29pm)
If you care about the AFI's top 100 movie songs EVER, and I know you do, then you might have noticed some glaring issues with their list.

I can see why Paint Your Wagon and the Tank Girl Cole Porter number might not have made the list, but C'MON!?! Where the hell is the Time Warp?

You'll notice however that eminem's Lose Yourself, Arthur's Theme and the abysmally bad use of Unchained Melody from Ghost made the list, all of which conjure thoughts of suicide upon repeated listens. It's just not right I tell you, just not right...
By: FuzzyBunnySlippers
Wednesday, Jun 23rd 2004 (9:02am)
So I decided after too much playskool politics recently (at many web locations) to go find something worthwhile to read and be truly challenged .
By: FuzzyBunnySlippers
Monday, Mar 22nd 2004 (7:39pm)
And if The Darkness left you wanting something more absurd or less 5-minutes-ago, check out these heavy metal scholars, Zimmer's Hole . They don't take themselves too seriously but they are so metal their shits rust. Listen to this and bow down to the law.
By: FuzzyBunnySlippers
Sunday, Feb 29th 2004 (1:48pm)
Sometimes I have to put aside my classy death metal sensibilities and give props to those who keep rock alive. Which is really all that matters of course. If you haven't heard of The Darkness yet, you certainly may soon. Check out this video for a good time. These guys are thumbs up to my horns up.
By: FuzzyBunnySlippers
Sunday, Feb 29th 2004 (11:55am)
Saddened by not getting a Davelog religious fix on Sunday, I decided to have a Wednesday tithe. For some real edumacation check out the bleeding edge views on WOMEN IN CHURCH. Here's a bonus lesson on THOSE BLASPHEMOUS, DAMNABLE MORMONS. And much, much more.
By: FuzzyBunnySlippers
Wednesday, Feb 18th 2004 (9:01am)

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