A subway announcer in London was fired because she made fake announcements to get herself through her boring day. Here's a good one.

"Would the passenger in the red shirt pretending to read the paper but who is actually staring at that woman's chest please stop. You are not fooling anyone, you filthy pervert."
By: Scott
Monday, Nov 26th 2007 (5:48pm)
Kevin Dubrow, lead singer for the 1980s heavy metal band Quiet Riot, was found dead Sunday in a Las Vegas home. He was 52.
By: Scott
Monday, Nov 26th 2007 (5:42pm)
Take one part karaoke, plus one part youtube, plus one part retards and you get these hilarious music videos. I laughed till I peed. Here is an especially chuckle worthy version of Mother.
By: Scott
Saturday, Jun 9th 2007 (8:46pm)
Well fucking wonder no more.

I feel sick.
By: Scott
Saturday, Jun 9th 2007 (8:38pm)
I never promised you a rose garden.

Oh I love me some Karaoke! And now I can do it on the internet and share it with my friends! All you need is a mic and a dream and Singshot will do the rest!
By: Scott
Saturday, Jun 9th 2007 (8:35pm)
...then the stupid CW went and cancelled it. BUT there is hope. CBS resurrected Jericho because fans sent 20 tons of nuts to the CBS offices. Now Mars Bars are being used to try and help save Veronic Mars.
By: Scott
Friday, Jun 8th 2007 (12:30am)
And he is fucking PISSED!
By: Scott
Friday, Jun 8th 2007 (12:03am)
Ever wonder how your mouse moves across the screen? No, I mean how it REALLY moves across the screen.
By: Scott
Saturday, May 5th 2007 (12:38am)
It's been posted here on the log before, but it's been almost 2 years so I think it's time for a reminder.

Valentines Day is February 14th. Yeah, we all know that.

But March 14th is Steak and BJ Day, and we should all know that as well.
By: Scott
Tuesday, Feb 6th 2007 (12:11am)
When? Friday, January 19th at 5pm.

Where? The Last Exit Bar and Grill, in Tempe, Az.

Why? To help a 2 month old baby boy who was recently diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer.

More details in the
By: Scott
Monday, Jan 15th 2007 (7:56pm)
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Verizon charges .002 cents per kb for data transfer, but they also seem to think that .002 cents is the same as .002 dollars.

I hope this leads to a huge lawsuit for Verizon. They've been overcharging people for years and don't know it. They are fucked.

Quick version for those who just want the gist of what happened.
By: Scott
Saturday, Dec 9th 2006 (12:53pm)
Well now they're coming for your home theater.

I know it's been said many times, many ways, but fuck the MPAA.
By: Scott
Tuesday, Nov 28th 2006 (1:48pm)
This newscast about a drug bust got more than it bargained for. About 18 inches more.
By: Scott
Monday, Oct 23rd 2006 (12:05am)
..and I'm just glad none of my kids got to see it cuz they're black. Bye!
By: Scott
Friday, Oct 13th 2006 (12:10am)
The discovery of radioactive snails at a site in southeastern Spain where three U.S. hydrogen bombs fell by accident 40 years ago may trigger a new joint U.S.-Spanish clean-up operation.
By: Scott
Friday, Oct 13th 2006 (12:04am)
Michael Jackson's "THRILLER"
The Indian Interpretation
By: Scott
Monday, Oct 2nd 2006 (4:36pm)
In news that surprises no one Steve Irwin, known as the Crocodile Hunter was killed by a stingray.

He was 44.
By: Scott
Sunday, Sep 3rd 2006 (9:58pm)
Every year the Davelog and I, along with some of our friends and family, do a small litte NFL Pick 'em league for fun. Well this year we decided to let some of you "normals" in. So if your interested read more for the info!
By: Scott
Wednesday, Aug 9th 2006 (2:48pm)
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Use your ninja skills to kill! The more ninja like you are the better your score.
By: Scott
Tuesday, Jul 25th 2006 (9:43am)
But didnt think you could do it? Now anyone can make one on the internets with BitFontMaker.
By: Scott
Tuesday, Jul 25th 2006 (9:32am)
All those people look like ants from up here! Better use your magnifying glass. Try not to burn anyone, or maybe that's the point of Ant City.
By: Scott
Tuesday, Jul 25th 2006 (9:29am)

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