And why did you have to bring this guy to the meetup?
By: timmy242
Monday, Aug 25th 2008 (7:20pm)
Bad Ninja, no shuriken for you!
By: timmy242
Sunday, Aug 24th 2008 (9:19pm)
300 words/minute. For realz!
By: timmy242
Monday, Jul 28th 2008 (10:55am)
Dr. Edgar Mitchell, apparently too old to care what people think about him anymore, has admitted that aliens have been visiting this planet and governments have been covering it up for decades.
By: timmy242
Wednesday, Jul 23rd 2008 (7:34am)
How's that foot wound, China?
By: timmy242
Friday, Jul 18th 2008 (8:24am)
October Babies is an Ypsilanti band with a Japanese sensibility. Here is their video for "Wa Wa Wa" featuring the Detroit Derby Girls.
By: timmy242
Monday, Jul 14th 2008 (7:45am)
All Hail, the Bacon God (apparently).
By: timmy242
Wednesday, Jul 9th 2008 (2:12pm)
If LiveScience can make a quiz about Celtic Mythology, you can take it!
By: timmy242
Monday, Jul 7th 2008 (9:06am)
Call it a Drunkard's Bucket List.

Scooter, I'm lookin' at you.
By: timmy242
Friday, Jun 20th 2008 (1:10pm)
Make no mistake. This is a Big Win for the Irish working class over Europe's power elite, and it's a big win for Europe over the N.W.O. Watch to see if other E.U. countries ratify the treaty or not, despite or in support of Ireland. I'm thinking, however, that the Emerald Isle is setting an important precedent here.
By: timmy242
Friday, Jun 13th 2008 (6:57am)
Erik Wujcik is dead. I only played the TMNT rpg a little and *may* have seen him once at GENCON. Anyone else have a more glowing memory?
By: timmy242
Tuesday, Jun 10th 2008 (3:05pm)
Apparently, secret talks regarding UFOs and disclosure have been continuing at the UN.
By: timmy242
Tuesday, Jun 10th 2008 (1:42pm)
The site at Rocky Mountain Paranormal apparently has *leaked* the aforementioned alien video.
By: timmy242
Friday, May 30th 2008 (10:53am)
I double-dog-dare you to steal my identity! See, you can't do it with Lifelock! It's the best identity protection serv... Done.

By: timmy242
Wednesday, May 28th 2008 (1:39pm)
Yeah, that big buildup to NASA's super announcement of a super object discovery in our galaxy???!!!

...remnants of the most recent super nova. Can I go back to sleep now? Sheesh.
By: timmy242
Wednesday, May 14th 2008 (10:15am)
The Alien is my brother.
Is the Vatican caving in?
More disclosure from Britain.
Coast to Coast always has the answers.

Are we being prepared???
By: timmy242
Wednesday, May 14th 2008 (9:43am)
I was surfing the free movies On Demand section of my ComQuack service and came across a real gem of a movie. The Great Yokai War is an amazing Japanese culture fantasy based on a novel by Hiroshi Aramata and some related manga.

Steeped in the Japanese folklore surrounding nature spirits*, or Yokai, this movie is great for kids and adults and should not be missed!
By: timmy242
Monday, May 12th 2008 (3:21pm)
(more)   [Comments: 0]
Alright, I'm gonna give it one week. After that I'm gonna tell the whole world how awesome an event THIS was. Get on it whomever is gonna post it, Ypsi daveloggers!
By: timmy242
Wednesday, Apr 23rd 2008 (8:12am)
(more)   [Comments: 5]
Over Phoenix *and* Florida this time.
By: timmy242
Tuesday, Apr 22nd 2008 (11:20am)
(more)   [Comments: 5]
I sometimes wish there was a "smackdown" topic, 'cause that's exactly what Richard Dawkins, famed atheist and critical thinker, has delivered to Ben Stein and his craptacular movie.
By: timmy242
Monday, Apr 21st 2008 (7:38am)
Canadian church and government officials are facing charges of genocide against First Nation children in their Indian Residential school system. One somewhat questionable source claims the finding of mass graves and another source seems to corroborate. Here is the Vancouver Sun's take on the issue.
By: timmy242
Sunday, Apr 20th 2008 (10:23am)
(more)   [Comments: 1]
Spot your favorite robot on this awesome T designed by ChopShop.
By: timmy242
Friday, Apr 18th 2008 (3:01pm)
(more)   [Comments: 5]
This is priceless. I wish I had this as a response for all those time I was accosted by born-again campus zealots back in college.
By: timmy242
Tuesday, Apr 15th 2008 (8:25am)
We all know that junk mail sucks. Here's a fun way to get back at the bulk mailers (with a bonus way to get back at email spammers!)
By: timmy242
Tuesday, Apr 15th 2008 (8:18am)

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