A man is in custody after leading police on a bizarre chase into the east Valley on Wednesday night. Phoenix police began following the suspect in Phoenix and the pursuit continued into the east Valley, but it took a bizarre turn when the suspect stopped at an In-N-Out Burger restaurant's drive-thru near Priest and Ray Roads in Chandler.
By: dave
Friday, Oct 28th 2016 (12:00am)
Earthquake in Arizona today.
By: Sunny
Thursday, Jun 23rd 2011 (9:19am)
{Arizona} has "become the mecca for prejudice and bigotry."

"Pretty soon, we're not going to be able to find reasonable, decent people who are willing to subject themselves to serve in public office."
By: Mr._Dog
Sunday, Jan 9th 2011 (2:40pm)
With a fox locked onto her arm, an Arizona jogger ran a mile to her car, where she was able to dislodge the animal, throw it into the trunk and drive to a Prescott hospital.
By: dave
Thursday, Nov 6th 2008 (5:08am)
We all know the day will come...But what the hell, let's watch TV.
By: ZiB
Monday, Apr 7th 2008 (6:39pm)
More than four weeks have passed since the state was slapped with daily fines by a federal judge, but Arizona lawmakers are no closer to a solution. In fact, the Republican-led Legislature and Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano appear to be headed in opposite directions.

We the tax payers are being fined a Million Dollars a day!
By: J20
Tuesday, Feb 28th 2006 (2:32pm)
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Early next week, boxer and bird lover Mike Tyson may find out if he can build a $12,000 air-conditioned coop for his pet pigeons.
By: Sunny
Wednesday, Jul 13th 2005 (8:19am)
From CNN: (edited for pertinence and length)

TUCSON, Arizona (AP) -- Two families who adopted Chinese children and brought them to separate homes in Arizona and Alabama have discovered that the toddlers are siblings and almost certainly twins.

The two families found each other when [the mothers] linked up on a Web site .

As they talked, they realized their children [have many similarities.]

...In July, they ordered DNA tests that confirmed with 98 percent accuracy that the toddlers share at least one parent, most likely their mother.

What's wrong with this picture? The answer in "comments"!

See the full text here
By: Mr._Dog
Sunday, Oct 10th 2004 (8:07am)
Whats Hollywood Alley? The best bar in the Phoenix Arizona metro, thats what. Bar none. No doubt about it.

The Alley ain't no sissy bar either. It's not some meat market full of ridiculously pretentious pricks. Nor is it a sports bar full of asshole frat boys and their silly cunt girlfriends.

Its absolutely socially diverse. Its got its share of fatties and even old men on occasion. And it ain't the kinda place you go to sip your drink and quietly meander out of before closing time. Its a place to get pass out drunk. Whats not to like about live music, video games, good food, a killer booze selection and a bunch of cool and interesting people?

My friends and I have been going to this place for years now. Seen a LOT of weird shit, had a lot of good times.

So, if you're a drinker and you want some good advice, be sure to make The Alley your next weekend stop.

I'll see you there!
By: Hellvis
Saturday, Sep 13th 2003 (5:12pm)

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