Poverty - and the stress of being poor - is killing people every single day.
By: spam_vigilante
Thursday, Oct 17th 2019 (12:18am)
It’s a recognition that comes in the aisle of a grocery store.
By: spam_vigilante
Tuesday, Jul 2nd 2019 (8:40am)
Read through the picture galleries of the largest body of water inside of California and then a short film about post-apocalyptic hell-hole, the Salton Sea.
By: spam_vigilante
Tuesday, Sep 3rd 2013 (12:58am)
A new phenomenon, called "Cash Mobs," is spreading across the country, changing the way people view local businesses. Similar to flash mobs, Cash Mobs organize customers to spend money at struggling locally owned businesses to support their community.
By: dave
Friday, Feb 24th 2012 (12:01am) if you're all wife-beaty, time to pack up and move to Topeka, Kansas. Domestic violence just became decriminalized there.
By: dave
Thursday, Oct 13th 2011 (12:04am) | Thanks: reddit
Since 1976, John Baker has run the Bakers Junction Railroad Museum in Smithville, Indiana. The museum - which operates a haunted house in old railcars - has fallen on tough financial times, so Baker's turned to an unusual source of fundraising capital. That is, his own severed thumb.
By: dave
Thursday, Sep 29th 2011 (6:00am) | Thanks: arbroath
The beacon of literature in the Phoenix metro area, Atomic Comics, closed its doors yesterday on all stores. RIP.
By: dave
Tuesday, Aug 23rd 2011 (2:00pm) | Thanks: deon
All those mortgages that have gone into foreclosure and turned our economy into a tailspin got you down? Can you appreciate a guy who knows how to make lemonade when life offers us lemons? Here's a guy who was able to pick up a McMansion for just $16.
By: spam_vigilante
Tuesday, Jul 19th 2011 (9:12am) | Thanks: Buzzfeed
In today's blighted economy, you have to make your homeless sign stand out from the crowd in order to maximize your panhandling effectiveness.
By: dave
Tuesday, Jul 5th 2011 (5:31am)
The long-declining pie-and-pseduo-homestyle-food chain has finally given up the ghost, closing stores across the country (every single one here in Arizona shut down over the weekend), some right in the middle of meals.
By: dave
Tuesday, Jun 14th 2011 (6:13am)
The South Pacific island nation of Samoa is to jump forward in time by one day in order to boost its economy.
By: dave
Tuesday, May 10th 2011 (12:04am) | Thanks: retalivity
The latest casualty of our blighted economy? Our long-time attempt to find some neighbors. If you've been running @home all these years, may as well shut it all down once you're done with your current batch.
By: dave
Thursday, Apr 28th 2011 (12:01am)
Better suit up smart.
By: Hellvis
Monday, Mar 7th 2011 (10:59pm)
Borders bookstore has filed bankruptcy, and will be closing 200 of their remaining 630 stores. For now. I'm sure there'll be more.
By: dave
Thursday, Feb 17th 2011 (3:29am) | Thanks: mefi
The beggar with the golden voice, who last week managed to escape the bonds of poverty and homelessness found himself held by LA Police after a fracas with one of his daughters. Is this the first sign of a rags to riches to rags story in the making?
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, Jan 12th 2011 (5:27am)
So, you're committed to doing Thanksgiving dinner for your family and friends, but only have a buck left 'til payday. Take a lesson from professional cheapskate Jeffrey Strain and do it up proper!

* name the reference for a gold star!
By: dave
Tuesday, Nov 16th 2010 (5:12am) | Thanks: fark
If you're fortunate enough to ride out the economic downturn without having to live in a cardboard box, you could probably stand to start giving back to your community. If you're also something of a slacker, then this is the guide for you.
By: dave
Friday, Oct 1st 2010 (5:00am)
The Liberace Museum, long one of this city's best-known and unusual attractions, is shutting down next month, the latest victim of a brutal recession that has hit Nevada particularly hard.
By: dave
Wednesday, Sep 15th 2010 (5:25am) | Thanks: j-walk
It's becoming more and more common in this blighted economic landscape for smaller towns and cities to save money by letting their paved roads revert back to gravel - jokingly called the 'stone age', it says far more of our future than our past.
By: dave
Monday, Jul 19th 2010 (12:07am) | Thanks: fark
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, $10 million, OBO
By: ZiB
Monday, Jun 14th 2010 (10:09am)
7-11 aims to take advantage of America's desperate need for cheap hooch when times are tough by selling beer. THEIR beer.
By: dave
Wednesday, Apr 21st 2010 (12:06am) | Thanks: jai dubs
No matter how bad the economy is, you still gotta eat - so it stands to reason that you should keep an eye out for free or silly-cheap grub. Here's some places to look.
By: dave
Tuesday, Dec 1st 2009 (4:40am)
If you're unemployed (and recent stats show that's 1 in 11 of you), here's a handy list of 10 things to do with your copious amounts of free time.
By: dave
Tuesday, Nov 10th 2009 (4:21am) | Thanks: ybnby
Got a CitiBank credit card? Look to your mail for a notice that they've just jacked everyone's interest rate to 29.99%. It's legal, but clearly an act of desperation. Best bet is to transfer your balance to a card with cheaper interest, and make Citi's insolvency even worse.
By: dave
Monday, Oct 26th 2009 (12:10am) | Thanks: reddit

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