The U.S. Navy has confirmed that three online videos purportedly showing UFOs are genuine. The service says the videos, taken by Navy pilots, show “unexplained aerial phenomena,” but also states that the clips should have never been released to the public in the first place. The three videos in question are titled "FLIR1," "Gimbal," and "GoFast." They show two separate encounters between Navy aircraft and UFOs.
By: dave
Tuesday, Sep 17th 2019 (7:29am) | Thanks: yuppiekiller
Harvard researchers raise the possibility that it may be "a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth vicinity by an alien civilization."
Two words: We're fucked.
By: spam_vigilante
Tuesday, Nov 6th 2018 (12:52am)
Yaphet Kotto believes in aliens. The statement would be easy enough to take in on its own if not for the fact that Mr. Kotto also believes he's seen an alien, held an alien, and generally accepts that he's been abducted by aliens.
By: dave
Monday, Jul 31st 2017 (12:00am) | Thanks: digg
Who knows, but if it's bigger than Jupiter it's peaked my interest.
By: ZiB
Thursday, Nov 5th 2015 (9:21am)
Season 1, Episode 3
First Aired 2/7/2003
In this episode of Penn and Teller: Bullshit!, the topic of alien abductions is looked into. We look into the stories of those who claim to have been abducted by aliens and shows the influence these stories can have on people. Penn and Teller will also visit an alien abduction therapy group where they explain their stories while the person who listens is making tons of money! A seminar and alien events will also be visited, where alien books, products and many items are being sold. Famous speakers such as David Icke will be offered a chance to explain their theories, as well as other famous conspiracy and alien speakers.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, Sep 4th 2013 (9:59am)
(more)   [Comments: 3]
The airfield and facility around Groom Lake has been finally disclosed as an official Air Force site.
Yeah, sure. In a couple of years they'll admit to little green men but not the tall silver guys who steal organs from cattle.
By: spam_vigilante
Saturday, Aug 17th 2013 (4:06am)
A Missouri rancher is getting tired of making disturbing discoveries on her Henry County land. Lyn Mitchell said she is out of reasonable explanations for what's to blame for killing her livestock. With all other reasonable causes debunked, Mitchell said she is open to the possibility that extraterrestrial life could be responsible.
By: dave
Thursday, Aug 1st 2013 (4:40am) | Thanks: arbroath
Roy Mars was peeing in his compost last weekend - it saves water and adds nitrogen - when he looked up and saw something streak across the sky.
By: dave
Tuesday, Nov 13th 2012 (3:51am) | Thanks: arbroath
A couple reportedly called police four times within a seven-hour period last week insisting that alien-like creatures had invaded their Elliot Drive home, noting the situation was creating havoc in their lives.
By: dave
Monday, Oct 22nd 2012 (12:04am) | Thanks: arbroath
That astonishingly awesome claim comes from Dr. Richard B. Hoover, an astrobiologist at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, who says he has found conclusive evidence of alien life - fossils of bacteria found in an extremely rare class of meteorite called CI1 carbonaceous chondrites.
By: dave
Saturday, Mar 5th 2011 (6:46pm) | Thanks: bashturn
*** FULL LENGTH 44 MINUTE EPISODE *** (Season 2, Episode 2)

"Area 51":

Questions surrounding the military's secret research base in the Nevada desert have been swirling around for years. Jesse faces off against guards at Area 51, to find out why the Joint Terrorism Task Force raided the homes of two Area 51 watchdogs and to review alleged evidence that the government has been faking UFO sightings and alien abductions in order to cover up darker secrets at the base.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, Jan 26th 2011 (12:40pm) | Thanks: JonHS
Julian Assange, the face for Wikileaks, has announced that his latest batch of unreleased cables refers to UFOs and extraterrestrial life. No word of when they'll be released.
By: dave
Monday, Dec 6th 2010 (12:00am) | Thanks: turkboy
NASA will be holding a press conference this Thursday. What's it about? They're not saying specifically, but they say it will have major bearing on our quest for extraterrestrial life, and advance the field of astrobiology. Hmmm.
By: dave
Tuesday, Nov 30th 2010 (3:03am)
Ok, they're not coming. Probably. Still - are you ready?
By: dave
Monday, Nov 8th 2010 (5:27am)
Since October 13, there have been a rash of UFO sightings over major cities - all alike. Leave it to the potheads to string it all together.

* name the reference for a gold star!
By: dave
Monday, Oct 25th 2010 (12:00am)
A Bosnian man whose house has been hit six times by meteorites claims aliens are targeting him.
By: dave
Thursday, Jul 22nd 2010 (5:28am)
and the argument from ignorance.
By: Sunny
Wednesday, Jun 16th 2010 (10:06am)
You've probably never given it much thought. Neither had I until now. Hmmm.
By: dave
Monday, May 3rd 2010 (12:06am) | Thanks: daily jive
So I watched Stephen Hawking's alien show on Discovery last night - fascinating stuff, and he makes a compelling argument for their existence. However, warns Hawking, if we ever come across any we shouldn't let them see us, lest they come ravage us for our resources.
By: dave
Monday, Apr 26th 2010 (12:04am)
An official announcement by the Obama administration disclosing the reality of extraterrestrial life is imminent. For several months, senior administration officials have been quietly deliberating behind closed doors how much to disclose to the world about extraterrestrial life.
By: dave
Friday, Oct 23rd 2009 (5:54am) | Thanks: presurfer
Aliens have been living invisibly in our atmosphere since at least the 40's, and hundreds are visible from any city in the world provided you know what to look for.
By: dave
Monday, Sep 14th 2009 (12:09am)
Authorities have called off a search after determining that they don't know what the object is at the bottom of the Ottawa River, which several people reported as 'lights smashing into the water with a thunderous boom'. All they claim to know is that it isn't an airplane.
By: dave
Friday, Aug 14th 2009 (5:33am) | Thanks: tywkiwdbi
A Russian scientist has claimed that an alien spaceship sacrificed itself to prevent a gigantic meteor from destroying earth a century ago.
By: dave
Thursday, May 28th 2009 (5:42am)
According to the Beeb, scientists have estimated that there are between 361 and 38,000 intelligent civilizations in our galaxy. Howdy neighbors!
By: dave
Thursday, Feb 5th 2009 (4:33am)
Dorothy Willows - who lives half a mile from the scene of the hit-and-run - was in her car when "strange lights" loomed in the evening sky.

She was among dozens who spotted the mysterious flashing orangey-yellow spheres over Lincolnshire - where the turbine was left wrecked. Dorothy, of Louth, said: "The lights were moving across the sky towards the wind farm. Then I saw a low flying object. It was skimming across the sky towards the turbines."

Hours later there was an almighty smash.
By: dave
Thursday, Jan 8th 2009 (5:31am)

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