That 1992 vintage of McDonald's McJordan BBQ sauce, which was on eBay yesterday, has actually been sold to an anonymous buyer in Chicago, Illinois for the "Buy it Now" price of $9,995.
By: dave
Thursday, Oct 18th 2012 (4:15am)
This is a truly amazing work of art and machinery. Built in Geneva by Rochat around the year 1820, these two pistol-like objects are actually tiny music boxes. When the user pulls the trigger, a tiny, realistic mechanical bird pops out of the end. It dances as the musical components play what sounds just like bird whistling.

This video from the auction house Christie's shows how devices work, including internal diagrams. You can skip to 1:45 in the video to see them in action.
By: spam_vigilante
Wednesday, Jun 1st 2011 (3:49am) | Thanks: runarounddead
Auction items that start at $13,000.00 on eBay aren't really what I'd call 'under the radar', Henson. Especially when they're for Department of Defense spy planes.
By: Hellvis
Wednesday, Mar 30th 2011 (10:56pm)
This is a TEXAS INSTRUMENTS graphic calculator. As in Texas the state - where everything's bigger - including the math. This calculator can solve Texas-sized problems. You hear that, Governor Rick Perry? I've got your answers right here - for a price.
By: dave
Thursday, Feb 3rd 2011 (4:33pm) | Thanks: reddit
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How fortunate for you - warm up the AMEX and head over to ebay. Fast.
By: dave
Tuesday, Jan 18th 2011 (12:04am)
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A 1943 WWII-era penny that was mistakenly made of bronze from the Denver Mint was given to charity so that the proceeds could go to that charity.
By: spam_vigilante
Thursday, Nov 25th 2010 (9:04am)
Ebayer itsawraphollywood has a couple pages of COA'd props and such from various incarnations of Star Trek starting at 99 cents.
By: dave
Friday, Feb 20th 2009 (12:10pm)
The Big Bopper's been moved to a new casket after almost 50 years. You'll be able to bid on the old one soon.
By: dave
Monday, Jan 5th 2009 (5:56am)
Single mom Deven Traboscia is selling her house and herself to the highest bidder.
By: dave
Friday, Jun 27th 2008 (8:28am)
Walter has been kept locked in a bedroom without hugs or honey for days. No one knows Walter's location and the police have exhausted all leads. Walter is safe for now, but time is running out.
By: dave
Friday, Mar 21st 2008 (6:59am)
Or more appropriately 'The King', in this oh-so-tacky Ramada Inn, Suite 611, bed from the 1970's.
By: justascosh
Thursday, Feb 21st 2008 (12:01am)
because that's when this guy's feedback started getting real entertaining.
By: dave
Thursday, Oct 18th 2007 (8:30am)
If so, you should pick up this underground Titan missile base complex in Washington. All the nifty subterranean rooms, tunnels, and silos sit under 57 acres of land. Sweet deal!
By: dave
Tuesday, Oct 16th 2007 (6:22am)
Got a thousand pounds? You could own the Mystery Machine!
By: Dave
Monday, Sep 17th 2007 (6:37am)
but more importantly, who does your nails?
By: Dave
Monday, Jul 2nd 2007 (8:01am)
Bob Barker has retired, and has donated his microphone to animal activists to auction off. So far, it's up to about 20k.
By: Dave
Friday, Jun 15th 2007 (6:55am)
Addicted to immediate gratification and got a buck burning a hole in your pocket? Last Minute Auction is the place for you.
By: Dave
Saturday, May 5th 2007 (10:28am)
And it's being sold by Bo Duke himself. 2.7 mil at post time, so it's time to call in those IRAs and CDs.
By: Dave
Thursday, May 3rd 2007 (8:17am)
The notorious domain is up for auction. At post time, the bids were up over $10,000.
By: Dave
Monday, Apr 23rd 2007 (5:18am)
What would you pay to party with a rock legend? Donít miss this chance to fly to LA for a VIP dinner with Gene Simmons & Shannon Tweed!

Bid Here

Only $21,000 so far Go for It!

By: BioHazard
Friday, Mar 30th 2007 (6:42am)
Remember the crazy guy who built that Bear Suit? Well, his name is Tony Hurtubise, and he's sunk all his money and time (again) into a new invention for the military. Only, no one was interested so now it's up for auction on EBay.

It's called The Trojan, and you want it.
By: timmy242
Wednesday, Feb 7th 2007 (1:47pm)
Sound the call for impeachment with this unique domain name.
By: boho-daddy
Friday, Jan 19th 2007 (7:20am)
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J20, I'm looking in your direction.

Up for auction today is Syd Barrett's stuff. Bust out the credit card!
By: Dave
Tuesday, Nov 28th 2006 (6:17am)

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