By: dave
Thursday, Dec 11th 2014 (12:03am)
Don't you just hate when you fall asleep watching a dvd, and you're awoken in the wee hours by the sound of the dvd menu's soundtrack blaring over and over and over and... what? You actually like that? And you wish there was some kind of simulator online? Really?

By: dave
Tuesday, Mar 29th 2011 (12:04am)
In case you didn't catch that - THE STATE!
By: dave
Thursday, Apr 30th 2009 (12:04am)
I haven't bought into the whole blu-ray thing because I remember betamax vs. vhs from when I was younger. 'I'll wait until it's been the industry standard for a few years,' I always told my blu-ray evangelizing friends.

By: dave
Thursday, Oct 30th 2008 (12:04am)
While aimlessly meandering around ebay last week, I came across a half dozen really nice hard plastic 3-D glasses, the red/cyan anaglyph kind. Naturally, I bought them.

So, now I am on a mad quest for 3-D movies on DVD, and came across this invaluable resource. Anyone know of any others?
By: dave
Monday, Aug 18th 2008 (12:08am)
All my peers are blu-ray crazy. Me, I don't get it, and what's more, I won't get it. My investment in the standard DVD format is formidable, and even more importantly, the improvements that blu-ray brings to the table just aren't that important to me. According to this article, I'm far from alone in this thinking.
By: dave
Wednesday, Jul 23rd 2008 (5:23am)
David Lynch's Lost Highway finally on DVD.
By: Justascosh
Friday, Apr 18th 2008 (10:12am)
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Ah, another relic from my childhood just hit DVD this week - GLOW: Greatest TV Moments brings the 'Hee Haw' of sports entertainment to your tv in all its digital glory.
By: dave
Thursday, Jan 31st 2008 (5:07am)
Paramount abandons Blu-Ray in favor of HD-DVD. Michael Bay responds by stamping his little feet and refusing to make Transformers 2.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Aug 21st 2007 (6:36am)
Not only is Grindhouse being split up into 2 separate DVD releases, now I find out they're not even including the trailers that connected the two features in the theater. Fuck 'em. I'll just Star Wars this bitch.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Aug 14th 2007 (12:21am)
Gizmo Cafe has a great video piece on the war between Blu-Ray and HD DVD, and why if either one wins, we all lose.
By: Dave
Friday, Feb 9th 2007 (7:33am)
So, I'm looking around for a copy of The Thin Man, the first of the comedy-mystery film series starring Myrna Loy and William Powell (who plays the most whimsically hard-drinking detective you'll ever see).

While chasing this DVD down, I discovered two great things: there's a box set of the entire run, and that there was DVD release of the failed 50's TV sitcom based on the movies that spawned this great review and history lesson of the decline and fall of MGM Studios.
By: Dave
Wednesday, Aug 3rd 2005 (12:02am)
Evidenced by the fact that finally, after all these years, the Russ Meyer* masterpiece Faster Pussycat, KILL! KILL! comes out on DVD today!

* may be NSFW
By: Dave
Tuesday, Jul 26th 2005 (12:02am)
Stewie's getting his story told - the Family Guy movie goes direct to DVD on September 27! Giggity giggity GIG IT TEE!
By: Dave
Tuesday, Jun 21st 2005 (12:01am)
Fluff it Friday is where I take a Topic that is seriously limp and Fluff it up. Today I chose DVD as it's definitly the most limp with only 5 posts.

Churches are buying THE PASSION DVD in BULK! Groups placing large orders can buy customized slipcases (99 cents each) with two lines of printing, such as the church's name.

My suggestion? Thank you, Mad Max. You are our Lethal Weapon for the Lord.

Somehow I don't see the Chabad of Scottsdale jumping at this one no matter how good the deal is. Oy vey!
By: Scott
Friday, Jul 23rd 2004 (4:13am)
Some DVD Covers just plain suck. But with you can replace those ugly covers with something better! Or maybe you.. aquired a DVD with no cover. Most of the originals are here too!

Here are just a few custom covers that outdo the originals.

Blade Runner | The Crow | Daredevil | Dark City | Dogma | Ferris Beuller's Day Off | Fight Club | The Goonies | Harry Potter | High Fidelity | Highlander | The Matrix | Oceans's 11 | Pirates of the Caribbean | Pitch Black | Rounders | Viewaskewniverse
By: Scott
Friday, May 21st 2004 (7:21am)
Then why not print out a Custom DVD Cover for your copy of Fellowship Of The Ring? OR the upcoming The Two Towers?

I think either this one, or perhaps this one, is my favorite.
By: Scott
Friday, Jun 20th 2003 (5:01pm)
Well if you are than you're alright in my book. The greatest sitcom ever to only last 2 seasons may be headed to DVD. I smell a petition starting somewhere.
By: Scott
Saturday, Jun 22nd 2002 (1:12am)
Available June 4th, 2002-- UHF!!!
By: Madkow
Thursday, May 23rd 2002 (7:55pm)
Orgazmo, a movie by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (the creators of South Park) is heading to DVD. Orgazmo is a spoof of the porn industry featuring Orgazmo, the superhero porn star. As reported by, The DVD will feature an all star commentary track. To find out who will be featured click on Read More.
By: Scott
Wednesday, May 1st 2002 (11:29am)
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