Wil Wheaton, a guy with whom I've shared many interests in the past but has pretty much fallen off of my radar as he focused more on different things in recent years, has finally realized what a cesspool social media is and is washing his hands of it all.
By: dave
Friday, Aug 31st 2018 (12:00am) | Thanks: BillNye
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In writing up a Trekkie's proposal during a cast photo op, the Daily Mail seems to have lost track of Wil's gender.
By: dave
Saturday, Nov 10th 2012 (6:45am) | Thanks: reddit
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An almost ten minute compilation clip of sexual innuendo and some outright blatant sexual reference from Star Trek TNG.
By: spam_vigilante
Tuesday, Jan 4th 2011 (7:32am)
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Learn some astrophysics with uppity robots and Wil Wheaton in the Cool Cosmos Team's IRrelevant Astronomy!
By: dave
Thursday, Dec 9th 2010 (4:59am)
Admittedly, I'm a Wil fanboy, but c'mon, it's not even Thanksgiving yet!
By: dave
Friday, Nov 19th 2010 (4:12am) | Thanks: reddit
The Phoenix Comicon went off this weekend, Wheaton was there, and I was too broke to attend. Crap. One good thing about the con, though, is that it produced this epic display of epic epicness.
By: dave
Tuesday, Jun 1st 2010 (8:50am)
Yeah, I know, blah blah fanboy. I admit it, I'm a fan of the Wil - not because of Star Trek (I'm a TOS and TAS only Trek nerd) but because of his blog, his books, his poker, and most of all this movie.

Anyway. Another of my guilty pleasures is The Big Bang Theory (or as we call it around the compound, Geekfeld), and Wheaton's reprising his role as Sheldon's nemesis on April 12. As if that wasn't enough, it appears to involve bowling. I think I peed a little.
By: dave
Friday, Mar 19th 2010 (12:06am)
More specifically, Wil says 'Don't be a dick' to the guy who put Wheaton's audiobook of Just A Geek up for free download.

Wil's a class act and above petty retaliation - his followers, however, are mobilizing. Watch the fallout here as it happens, and be nice - no downloading.
By: dave
Wednesday, Oct 7th 2009 (5:57am)
Wil strikes yet another chord from my youth as he describes his first encounter with Centipede, and perfectly paints the scene of 1980.
By: dave
Thursday, Jun 11th 2009 (6:37am)
...while everyone else gets their jollies.
By: dave
Thursday, Jan 31st 2008 (4:37am)
Wil gets carded buying a videogame, which fosters some interesting and insightful discussion on the current state of parental control and regulation.
By: Dave
Friday, Oct 12th 2007 (6:39am)
Well, that didn't take long - after the success of his pilot podcast, Wil Wheaton's Radio Free Burrito is now in regular production.
By: Dave
Tuesday, Dec 6th 2005 (5:33am)
Pretty high up on my list of famous people I'd like to bowl with is Wil Wheaton. He's got a lot of cool things going for him: actor, writer, blogger, poker player, and non-evil stepfather. A man worthy of geek admiration, I've been following his blog for years, and have come to consider him one of the cooler people on the planet.

Anyway, Wil's decided to start podcasting, and his pilot effort is well worth a listen. Check it out.
By: Dave
Saturday, Dec 3rd 2005 (10:59pm)
If you've been following Wil Wheaton's trek into the world of professional poker like I have (shaddap YOU), you'll be pleased to hear that he's finally won a big one.
By: Dave
Monday, Sep 26th 2005 (12:04am)
Wil Wheaton, affable geek and recovering actor, logs his pokerin' at the Mirage. Great read.
By: Dave
Monday, Oct 4th 2004 (1:06am)
If you haven't trucked over to Wil Wheaton's website in a while, check it out - he's had a bit of a redesign.
By: Dave
Friday, Jul 9th 2004 (12:03am)

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