Make no mistake. This is a Big Win for the Irish working class over Europe's power elite, and it's a big win for Europe over the N.W.O. Watch to see if other E.U. countries ratify the treaty or not, despite or in support of Ireland. I'm thinking, however, that the Emerald Isle is setting an important precedent here.
By: timmy242
Friday, Jun 13th 2008 (6:57am)
It's really more worthy of an "Aliens" tag but I'm excited that Eire didn't drop the ball on UFOs!!!
By: timmy242
Thursday, Sep 20th 2007 (8:15am)
Fucking Vikings are at it again!
By: timmy242
Friday, Nov 10th 2006 (12:42pm)
The Irish love their drink. Who didn't see this coming?
By: timmy242
Friday, Jun 2nd 2006 (12:50pm)
Former Sinn Fein top dog, Denis Donaldson, is found dead in Donegal home. I'm sure it had nothing to do with the fact that he was a low-down, no-good, informing British spy. IRA and Sinn Fein deny responsibility. Personally, I think it was this guy.
By: timmy242
Wednesday, Apr 5th 2006 (7:52am)
His name is Eddie Lenihan, and he's one of the last of the great Irish storytellers, or Shannachie.
As a post Patty's Day treat, here is a story from his excellent and extensive repetoire.
By: timmy242
Monday, Mar 20th 2006 (11:56am)
Get ready folks, the resident mick is about to raise the roof with a little music and story about one of my favorite Celtic bands, the Chieftains. And if you listen close enough you just might hear an astute email from one "Tim from Michigan." That'd be meself, as you may know.
By: timmy242
Monday, Mar 6th 2006 (4:11pm)
Fueled by drunken IRA hooligans in reaction to a Protestant Parade in Dublin?

I don't believe it.
By: timmy242
Saturday, Feb 25th 2006 (3:24pm)
Not that it's going to matter because they all drive like fackin' eejits, but Ireland has reduced speed limits on higways already littered with infamous "Black Spots". Try not to be shocked by this old story.
By: timmy242
Wednesday, Feb 8th 2006 (12:02pm)
D'yeloik dags?
Dags, d'yeloik dags?
The Irish love their dags so much they are willing to give them very expensive drugs just so they can run that extra mile.
By: timmy242
Sunday, Jan 29th 2006 (3:27pm)
Supporters of randy Irish priests are seeking to abolish the age-old tradition of celebacy in the Catholic church.

In a related story, Limbo goes the way of the Dodo and Hell freezes over.
By: timmy242
Wednesday, Jan 18th 2006 (12:58pm)
Well, you might just all be related.
Up the Ui Neill!! Scientists at Trinity College, Dublin believe they have found Ireland's seed-sowing equvalent to Ghengis Khan. He was called Niall of the Nine Hostages and he is said to be Ireland's most fertile male.
By: timmy242
Tuesday, Jan 17th 2006 (10:46am)
It's official, the Irish Language has officially been recognized by the EU as a "working language," whatever the fuck that means. I think it has something to do with being able to order a drink in Irish speaking areas and pay for it with the Euro.
By: timmy242
Monday, Jun 13th 2005 (3:45pm)
What's the world coming to when a perfectly sodden Irishman won't consume a perfectly good potato?
By: timmy242
Monday, Mar 7th 2005 (1:13pm)
Amn't I back? No, but soon will be once'd the refund money starts pouring in. Let's just say I was spending my time In Darkest Africa, and leave it at that.

For now, I am helping to save the Tara/Skyrne Valley in Ireland. The Irish government is proposing the building of a major roadway through one of the oldest archaeological and mytho-historical sites in all of Europe.
The place still has much to teach us, as recent New Discoveries there have proven.
Here's's take on the sitch.
Watch this space for my triumphant return in "Timmy242 Versus the World Crime League."
Thanks to Dave for not booting me off for being the No-Internet-Havin', drunken Irish slacker I am of want to be.
See you soon.
By: timmy242
Wednesday, Feb 2nd 2005 (7:49pm)
Sure and begorah! Your man, George W. Bush, was in Ireland O' the weekend for the EU-US summit. Truth be told, this was actually the Bush administration's latest attempt at nation building. Bush and the Mrs. then headed out to Dromoland Castle for a meeting with the taoiseach (Prime Minister) where he was greeted by (apparently) St. Patrick and a group of protesters who would 'drive' him out of the land like a snake and style him as the new MacBeth (what with all the bloodshed and all...) An Irish protest? Never!
"Thanks, Taoiseach. We've got to go to Turkey."
Last immortal words from our President while in Ireland. Check out the text of some of the comments made. Bush mentions Turkey alot. In fact, it turns out to be his biggest laugh line.

News O' the Day ~

What do you mean the Irish can't smoke in bars?

Bush now owns Aran sweater!

County Tyrone face Down!
By: timmy242
Monday, Jun 28th 2004 (2:07pm)

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