If you've been taking part in our annual NFL Pick'Em league here, today our two tied season leaders met at a local BBQ joint to kick paper footballs to claim the grand prize. Sunny took pictures!
By: dave
Sunday, Feb 16th 2014 (8:01pm)
sorry gang, i've been out of commission for a few days and will be on very limited access for a week or two while i adjust to my new situation. wth am i talking about? here's a link explaining it all since i can only manage to type it once. back when i can, kids.
By: dave
Thursday, Jun 20th 2013 (4:07pm) | Thanks: fuckng rocks
I took yesterday off from work, and like the good little wage drone I am, I felt out of sorts not doing something productive on a Monday. So, I knocked out a little poll widget for the 'log, it's over there on the right rail somewhere if you're logged in. There's also a polls page where you can see the top answer from previous questions.
By: dave
Tuesday, Oct 5th 2010 (5:26am)
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If it weren't for our overlord I'd never had set mine up, and in turn, Weather Underground couldn't have done this.

The last few gave me goose bumps.
By: ZiB
Thursday, Jan 21st 2010 (3:58am)
Hey readers, I'm going to be AFK for a while, so I leave the site in the capable hands of the staff. Updates for the next week or so may be on the thin side, but we'll be back in full force starting January 5. Happy New Year, everyone!
By: dave
Saturday, Dec 27th 2008 (6:39am)

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