What happened to the davelog?
I finally got around to replacing it. Again.

Way back in 2002, the original davelog moved from a Blogger onesheet to davelog 2.0 on PostNuke, a CMS package that was a much-needed improvement for the site. PostNuke brought the log into the database era, giving massive features and options to the site that it was sorely lacking. After about the first year, however, it became painfully apparent that while there were a few useful bells and whistles, the package was largely overkill. The database was bloated, the codebase was bloated, and it didn't take long for the site to start bogging down. There were also security issues, and it had become a haven to comment spammers as well.

I optimized and patched where I could, trimming this and modding that, but the php behind PostNuke was a jumbled mess - what we in the biz call a spaghetti-coded kludge. Fix one thing, and something else breaks because of it. Maddening. After 4 or 5 years of that nonsense, I finally had enough and started planning and writing the next generation - v3 - myself. Progress was slow because there was always something else more important to do with my time, but at long last it's solid enough to launch, and I can feed in more functions as needed in the future. v3 went live on May 25th 2008, and 2.0 was finally given a mercy slug to the back of the skull.

Why should I register?
Why not? Don't cost nuthin'.

Registered users can post every 10 seconds, and don't have a verification code. Threads are easier to navigate when logged in, as the system keeps track of your last read positions. Registered users can also rate posts, change site skins, send and receive private messages, have their webcam in the portal, feed the mystery link and create their own threads - not so much for you anonymous types. You'll need a valid email address to complete the registration process, but don't worry - we won't sell your info to spammers or write it on the walls in truck stop bathrooms. Your filthy little secrets are safe with us.

Registered users don't have to look at ads, either. Plus, registered users have a profile. You want a profile, don't you? You need a profile. REGISTER!

What is BBCODE?
Bbcode is a very common markup language used in discussion forums across the web. If you know HTML, bbcode is basically the same thing, just with different tags. If you don't know HTML, it's basically the same thing as bbcode, just with different tags. Hope that helps.

With bbcode you can affect the appearance of text, create clickable links, and embed images into your posts. Like HTML, to affect a body of text, you just surround it with opening and closing tags for that particular effect. To make a word bold, you'd enclose it in bold tags, like so:
[b]This is some mighty bold text![/b] displays as This is some mighty bold text! when posted.
Other text effects are italic ([i][/i]), underline ([u][/u]), and quote ([quote][/quote]), which is handy for replying to specific stuff.

You can also create links with bbcode, by using [url][/url] tags in one of two ways:
[url][/url] displays as,
[url=]Google[/url] displays as Google.
Notice that you can add display text to the link by moving the address inside the url tag with an equals sign. All links will open in a new window automatically.

Images can also be displayed inline by wrapping the picture's url in [img][/img] tags. Please don't inline images that are ridiculously huge, and please link to NSFW images rather than displaying them. Wouldn't want to get anyone fired or anything.

Above the posting box are a row of buttons - those put the appropriate bbcode into the body of your post. You can just click the button and then type whatever between the tags, or you can highlight the text you wish to affect, and then click the button and it will tag the selected area. Or, you could be all tough like a viking and just type the tags out by hand. It all ends up displaying the same way. A word of warning: if you manage to fuck up your tags you will be openly mocked, so get it right. That 'preview' button is there for a reason.

First off, don't get huffy. EVERYONE has a rate limit. Your rate limit is how long you must wait between posting comments. The default for registered users is 10 seconds (so short you'll probably never notice it).

It sucks, but is a necessary evil to help keep nazi spambots from filling up the databases with links to dog porn and big dick pills. Your rate limit, by the way, can be adjusted by anyone on the staff as a reward or disciplinary action.

These colors suck. Can I change them?
I happen to like this color scheme. What can I say, I'm partial to dark sites.

After a monumental campaign of whining and puling (yes, it's a word) from the users, staff and wife, I have relented and offered a light, soft-contrast skin for those of you with delicate eyes that can't take the original theme. You can get to it from your user page, it's the little drop-down option in the lower left below the avatar selection. Naturally, you must be registered and logged in to do this.

If I get to feeling even more magnanimous (possible) and find some free time (unlikely), I may knock out a few more color schemes in the future. Now shut the fuck up about it.

What's the deal with the polls?
Um, they're polls. Questions occasionally get posed by the staff in that 'Survey Says' box over there on the right. You answer them. Sometimes they change.

You can go to the POLLS page and see the results of the latest and all previous polls. Once a poll moves out of the active spot it can't be voted on again, but that's ok because you can vote on the current poll as many times as you like.

Does that make the polls easy to game and therefore be rendered useless as a valid impression of public sentiment? You bet!

What are YUPs?
One of our esteemed staffers suggested a rudimentary rating system for the posts on the log, akin to the 'Like' buttons you see for all the googles and whatnot. YUPs are my halfassed implementation of said concept. YUPs are for users only - you have to be logged in to even see them, but all registered users can YUP posts they like.

Say, this looks a lot like fazed.
Ok, that's not even a question.

Truth be told, yes, it is a totally blatant ripoff of the fazed system. While the community there is very intelligent, witty, and entertaining, I was truly taken by the layout and function of fazed. It was quick, lean, and only as complicated as it absolutely had to be - a masterpiece of simplicity. I've been bugging SpunOne, the creator and top banana of fazed, to license me his code for years. Understandably, he doesn't want to since that would mean shifting to a support role... but he said I was free to build my own system based on his sleek and elegant design.

So, I did. There are a few things here and there that fork away from the fazed experience, but I wrote v3 as both an homage and a knockoff. The base color scheme is largely carried over from the original davelog, which interestingly is also a ripoff, made years ago from Stile Project. I may be an unoriginal hack, but at least I'm a consistently unoriginal hack.

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