by dave, 04/02/01

I'm also, apart from being a KISS nut, a big fan of Space Ghost: Coast To Coast and Cartoon Planet - short little animated doodads that originally aired on WTBS between Deputy Dawg cartoons and whatnot, that later got picked up by Cartoon Network who compiled 'em into 1/2 hour shows and played them in the middle of the night. They're made with very minimal animation based on original cels from the old Space Ghost cartoons of the late 60's/early 70's, revioced, and turned into some of the weirdest, funniest shit on TV. One of the characters is Brak, pictured above, who is pretty stupid but always entertaining. Brak ultimately got his own show on Cartoon Network, which added modern new animation, but man did it stink. He's recently resurfaced in CN's new Adult Swim, a compendium of adult-themed cartoons, many of which are oddball reworks of older cartoons like SGC2C was.

Anyway, a while back, I needed to learn some Visual Basic real quick to knock out an application for a friend of mine, and the way I learn best is by doing a project - this project was the Brakomatic, a pointless little app that does nothing except spout random Brak gibberish at the click of a button. If you can't figure out how to work the interface, Brak himself could probably beat you at chess, and that's nothing to be proud of.

brakomatic_install.exe : 1.5meg self-extracting file
Win95/98/NT/2k/XP : click to download

So, click on the screenshot and download away. It's guaranteed virus-free. Use it to annoy your wife and co-workers, or just rape the sound folder for .wav files. I don't care, I learned enough VB making it to get the other project done, and this obnoxious thing is just a by-product... so you can do with it as you will.

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