by dave, 10/08/03

So I got tired of looking through hundreds and hundreds of mostly lame themes for my little pocketPC, and set out to make a few that were, at least in MY book, cool. If you want any of them for your own, knock yourself out.

If you don't know how to use themes, sync up with your pocketPC, and unzip the file into your pocketPC's 'My Documents' or 'Windows' folder (either will work) - then go to Start::Settings::Today and you should be able to pick it out of the list. Easy as pie, huh?

click on a screenshot to download that theme in .zip format

Once again, I am so stoked about this movie that it seems to permeate my every thought. The mere concept of a geriatric Elvis teaming up with a black, wheelchair-bound JFK to fight a mummy that sucks your soul out of your ass. Plus Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis. What's not to love?

Seems like everything I have of any value, minus my Rickenbacker bass and my wife, sports this logo somewhere or another. I even have one on my leg. If you don't know what it is, that's Rudie, the symbol for 2Tone records in general and the Specials specifically, as well as the mascot for all things Ska. OI!

My other great passion is the KISS of yesteryear (NOT the money grubbing corporate whores they have become lately), specifically their earliest days - back in the early to mid 70's, they had a bluesy rock sound and shockingly different presence, which added up to the single most influential musical act of my lifetime. This picture is from the same shoot that provided their first album cover.

Oh look, it's another band in makeup - this time, Mudvayne. A very dark and aggro group, the guitarist (the tubby darth-maul looking dude) and drummer (stripehead) are competent but nothing spectacular... however, the bassist (bald and horned) is phenomenal, the singer (overalls and ankle-length beard) is mesmerizing, and the music is full of bile and bitterness. Quite the charming combo, and my current favorite 'current' band.

Don't know who Robert Evans is? Evans is the epitome of self-centered Hollywood producers, responsible for some of the greatest films of all time - The Godfather, Black Sunday, Marathon Man, Chinatown, and Urban Cowboy. Kid Notorious is the animated tale of Evans' life, along with his butler English, his maid Tollie May, his neighbor Slash, and his cat Puss-Puss, who is by far the smartest and most devious of the bunch. This show is the best thing on TV, and it always pushes the bleeding edge of comedy and taste a little farther out. Thank god for Comedy Central.

I love the Arena Football League - it's the perfect incarnation of American football for live viewing - the games are fast, the music is loud, and the arena is air-conditioned. My favorite team is, naturally, the Arizona Rattlers, and these 3 themes feature the best players to ever mash the boards - Hunkie Cooper, Randy Gatewood, and Calvin Shexnayder. By all rights, there should be one of the quarterback, Shedric Bonner, but I couldn't find a decent game pic of him. This themepack will certainly grow in size, especially if Chris Horn returns to the team from the NFL.

THIRTY-TWO OUNCES OF HOMOGENIZED HATE! The only thing better that bowling is bowling with Milk and Cheese, dairy products gone bad. I've been a longtime fan of Evan Dorkin's tales of lactose-fueled volence and mayhem, and when they crossed paths with my favorite pastime, a PPC theme was bound to emerge.
There'll be more coming.
Check back often.

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