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In the beginning, there was S.O.D. - the Stormtroopers of Death - the mighty thrash combo consisting of Billy Milano, Scott Ian, Charlie Benetante, and Dan Lilker.

From the mighty S.O.D., the holy trinity thrash was begat: Ian and Benetante went off to become Anthrax, Lilker went off to play bass for Nuclear Assault, and Milano fronted M.O.D., carrying on the short-lived S.O.D.'s crunch with a new backup band.

These 4 bands changed my life back in the 80's, when I was of the opinion that if it didn't come out of Frank Zappa, it was shit - this intensely energetic new sound did more than stun me into appreciation, it motivated me, and opened up a whole new genre to my hungry ears.

This cut, Game Over by Nuclear Assault, is physically impossible to drive less than 80 mph to... and every time I hear it, I get the twitch to change my paycheck into quarters and go do disgusting things to a Zaxxon machine. Enjoy.

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