by dave, 04/01/01

David Deeds
C.E.O. of Wavephore
Thom Kozik
V.P. in charge of Wavetop
Patrick Gilbert
V.P. and C.T.O. for WaveTop
Jim McNeill
V.P. in charge of Production

THE STORY - I used to work for WAVO (when I started, the company name was WavePhore), and these people were some of my bosses. At one point, the CEO, David Deeds, really cheesed me off by insulting me in public, but rather than putting my job in jeopardy by insulting him right back (and lord knows, there's PLENTY of material for that), I just went home and slapped some KISS makeup on my copy of his corporate photo. I obviously wasn't very good at it, as you can tell by looking, but it made me feel a lot better. I showed it to a couple of my co-workers who thought it was great, and they urged me to do the whole band. So, I did. The next one was Thom "Gene" Kozik, the new veep in charge of our department, followed by Patrick "Ace" Gilbert and Jim "Peter" McNeill. As you can tell, I got better at the makeup process as I did more of them. I cannot stress enough that the only picture of this lot that was spurred by anger on my behalf was the first one, of Deeds.

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Peter Desnoes
Scott Klososky
C.E.O. of Webcasts

THE STORY - So, after I left WAVO, I went to work at a company called, where I did some neat database development stuff, made some real good friends, and had a lot of hope for the future. Then we got bought out by a company called IBEAM, and all of a sudden, I was getting paid to sit around and do nothing. It got real old real fast, so I left the company. Silly me, I had invested money in IBEAM when they went public (at 10 bucks a pop), and now their stock is worth <5 cents a share. Because of blackout regulations, I couldn't sell my holdings until 180 days after IPO, at which time they were way underwater. Because of this, the CEO of IBEAM and the CEO of my company who sold out to IBEAM both get the makeup.

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Steve Ballmer
C.E.O. of Microsoft

THE STORY - I've never worked for Microsoft, but after watching his little monkeyboy and developers videos online, I can safely say that this guy is a goofy ass, so he gets the makeup!

I'd like to take a moment to especially thank Roch Villancourt, whose now-defunct website 'Celebrities In KISS Makeup' gave me the initial inspiration for this non-violent and non-career-destructing method of getting back at my betters. It was a great site and he was FAR better at slapping KISS makeup on people than I could ever be.

If anyone in these pictures takes offense, sorry, but fucking lighten up. If you can't laugh at yourself, everyone else will.

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