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by dave, 08/25/08

After 10+ years, the Star Trek Experience at the Vegas Hilton was to be shut down and dismantled. While I personally have never really gotten into the Trek franchise beyond the original and animated series (both of which I loved), I was given an opportunity to go see it all 2 weeks before the end. So, the wife and I hopped a ride with my pal Marshall and we went to Vegas this past weekend to see the sights, ride the rides, and gamble away the mortgage payment. It was a blast.

The Star Trek Experience entails a restaurant and bar called Quark's, the world's biggest Star Trek store, a museum of props and costumes, and 3 attractions - the Klingon Encounter (a walkthrough of a starship and a great motion simulator), the Borg Invasion (a quick chase through a space station while being pursued by Borg, and then a 3-D theater show with seats that buzz and poke you), and a backstage tour that shows how it's all done. Sunny and I went through the first two. Photography within the actual attractions was strictly verboten, but I was able to snap a few pix before and after.

The entrance to the Star Trek Experience.

As this was the closest thing to the original series Enterprise, it's the one I got the most shots of.

There were lasers being banked all around the casino ceiling with mirrors, one of which was aimed to look like it was firing from the deflector dish. PEW PEW PEW!

A newer Enterprise from Next Gen or DS9 or something

The view straight up from the dining room in Quark's. It's a really big model.

Can't have a mess of starships around without a bad guy or two.

The entrance to Deep Space 9, which is now the dirt mall of space. Almost everything in it was closed down already, and everyplace that was open all sold the same stuff. If you need 20,000 holographic postcards of Troi, this is the place to go... for the next week, anyway.

A look down into the dining room of Quark's, where trekkies eat bland
overpriced futuristic food by the double handfulls

Surprisingly, there were a number of women among the customers. They must have been lost.

Space mayo!

Inside of Quark's bar is this thing. I assume it's an elevator.

The walkway from the box office to the queue lines for the 2 attractions is actually a museum chock full of stuff from all stripes of Trek. Most of the uniforms and guns and stuff have been used or worn onscreen.

Davelog alumnus Hellvis has one of these in his garage bar.

Klingons are really a cutty bunch. Lots of knives and swords and bladed doodads.

The floor was damp with droolus dorkus around the big-tittied klingon bitch display.

A few shots from the PEW PEW PEW section.

I checked - no Spock.

While Kirk's nipples were faithfully reproduced, Uhura's were tragically overlooked.

The costumes worn in the Gr'Thaar Gets A Macintosh episode.

The placard read 'Complete Admiral Kirk uniform', but I didn't see the girdle anywhere.

I don't remember any baseballs in the original series - this one must have been from Voyager or something.

The long switchback handicapped ramp was covered floor to ceiling with notes from trekkies, well-wishers, children, and apparently one of my bosses.

More pictures of the Experience from Marshall over at SciFi Orbit

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