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Sometimes bacon in its natural state just isn't enough.

Sometimes it needs to be wrapped around other stuff.

We saw Bacon Today's bacon-wrapped little smokies recipe and just had to try it. It was indescribably delicious.
Next time, we're gonna dunk them in waffle batter and deep-fry them after they come out of the oven.

Line a cookie sheet with foil, or you'll never get the carmelized brown sugar off it.

Rather than just chopping the bacon slab into 3 pieces, I opted to go one by one since the bacon was center cut and kinda short.
Roll a smokie up so a bit of bacon overlaps, and cut it off the strip.

Once you get enough to skewer, stab 'em up.

Lay 'em out on the cookie sheet until you run out of stuff.
I ended up with 4 smokies left over when the bacon ran out.

Sprinkle with brown sugar.
The idea is for it to melt and glaze, so actually getting it on the meat is key.

Toss in a 325° oven for 45 minutes and wait anxiously.
This is at about 25 minutes.

Pull from the oven when it goes ding.
Immediately pull the skewers off the foil and prop up against the side to prevent sticking as the glaze cools and hardens.

Slide 'em off the skewers and serve.
They're so fucking tasty, half of 'em disappeared off the plate before I could get the picture.

We're not done playing with bacon yet. Check out The Bacon Mat!

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Nov 14, 2019
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