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by dave, 11/14/09

If you look over there to the right rail, you'll see a box that contains the Mystery Link. The Mystery Link is a single anonymously-posted link that any registered user here can feed. It only shows the last link added, and it could be literally anything - midget amputee porn, a video of kittens wrestling in a bowl of marshmallows, car accident gore, a recipe for quiche... anything. You clicks the link, you takes your chances. The mystery link doesn't keep track of who submitted what, only the link itself (to prevent the same link from being submitted twice) and the date when it was submitted. Because of this anonymity, it seems to bring out the darkest side from some of the submitters.

Up until now, when a link was replaced by a new one, there was no available backlog to browse through. That's what is for - a running history of the Mystery Link. Now you can flip through pages and pages of the the stuff, possibly exposing yourself to unhealthy doses of the bizarre or repulsive. As with the Mystery Link itself, view at your own risk. In these unstable economic times, it's probably best that you don't visit it from work. Some places frown on this sort of thing, and might show you the door for filling your work computer's cache with unimaginable filth.

For your convenience, the images submitted (as opposed to web pages, flash files, or whatever) get moved into their own tab called PIX - this is for a couple of reasons. First, it makes it far easier to just flip through the images alone (a popular feature, based on how many image-based blogs there are out there), and secondly, to help guarantee that you'll be able to see the image even if the original host removes the file. Infolinkment periodically attempts to mirror new image submissions. If an image gets moved to the PIX tab, that means you'll initially be seeing the local copy of the picture. This not only preserves the picture for posterity, it provides a break for the original host by not 'hotlinking' to their version, incurring what could be expensive bandwidth costs. If you click through the image displays, you'll then go to the original image at the original host. If you'd like to read or leave comments, there's a link to the left of each image. If it has a little word balloon next to the link, there's some comments in there already.

Sometimes animated .gif and .png files lose their animation in the mirroring process, so if a pic doesn't make any sense to you, try clicking through to the original. You might find a nice surprise of motion and clarity. Consequently, you won't find many images on the front page, just the ones that have failed mirroring. This doesn't necessarily mean the picture doesn't exist anymore, just that the original host has set it up so the only way to see the picture is on their site.

So, with all that, I present you with a giant link (in case you haven't clicked on any of the other subtle attempts to drive you there) to the latest little davelog side project:

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Nov 12, 2019
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